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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life on the Other Side

If only we knew what was on the Other Side of this life! Knowing for sure what lies ahead might make a difference in how we view dying and aging and how we handle the death of a loved one.

Much of our fear about death is rooted in delusions and distorted ways of looking at life and the world around us. Generally, our fear of death is an unrealistic fear. Perhaps the best way to overcome the fear of death is to remember that our present physical life had a beginning. There was a time when we were not on Earth in these physical bodies, and there will be a time when we shall return to a non-physical state of being. The rational mind has difficulty believing that any reality other than the third dimensional world of time and space, in which we currently live, could possibly exist.

There is no real separation between the physical and non-physical realms. The separation seems real because there is a very thin veil (i.e.: our skin and physical body) between the two realms that dims our ability to interact with those in other dimensions. But more than the physical sense of separation, we limit ourselves with the false belief that we have only five senses with which to explore and experience life. This belief hinders us from accepting what our inner knowing tells us is true. We are multi-sensory spiritual creatures able to sense the presence and energy of non-physical beings. We also exist in other dimensions besides this 3-D earth plane.
Haven't you ever had a dream that was so intense, you couldn't believe it was just a dream?

What do you believe about the Afterlife? Are you afraid of dying? Those who have had a near-death experience report there is no judgment-only love in the afterlife. Even those who had a negative experience in the episode, come back changed and more aware of their purpose for being here.

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