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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pulling the Plug on a Patient

My husband is a respiratory therapist. The task of turning off the ventilator to allow a patient to naturally transition has occasionally fallen to him. He tells a story about helping a friend cross over:

I work with lung transplant patients almost everyday. However, for some reason I bonded with Jerry from the get go. I met him less than a week after his single lung transplant. I remember how anxious and apprehensive he was about the post-operative phase. He had a lot of questions. After his first bronchoscopy, I went to his room and started a conversation with him and his wife. I remember it to be a joyful experience, sharing not only medical knowledge but also information about ourselves and our families. After that encounter he was always glad to see me for his procedures. He would praise me and tell me he loved me and how thankful he was. His lung transplant was a blessing to him because it allowed him to have his wish to live long enough to see his daughter get married.

From the time of his transplant to the time of his passing, Jerry had one complication after another, but his strong Spirit never waned. After eight months his new lung stopped functioning and his native lung was in horrible condition. He was placed on a ventilator with the hope that it might give him time to recover, but it was not meant to be. Jerry had not wanted to be placed on the ventilator. After three days, his doctor asked me to talk with the family because he knew how close we were. His beautiful, loving family and friends gathered to give Jerry their love and to say their farewells. It is believed that your hearing is the last of the five senses to dissipate, and even though Jerry was well-sedated, I’m sure he could hear them when they told him how much he had blessed their lives, (he had led many to know of Jesus). The ventilator was turned off and removed but he did not pass immediately. In fact, his blood oxygen level actually improved as his friends and family ministered to him. As they sang hymns in his room that afternoon, I could see a pink and purple aura around his face and head. There were some who did not want Jerry to go and they were essentially grounding him by holding onto his feet and hands. This went on for many hours. Before I left for the day I told Jerry how much he meant to me. It was not until after midnight that his spirit departed. I believe Jerry's life mission was fulfilled and he left us at an early age because he has another mission to accomplish. I have no doubt he will be as successful in the next life as he was in this one. I am so grateful for the privilege of having known such a loving human being.

It’s never easy to let someone go, but it can be a peaceful experience when we realize the favor we are doing them by setting them free.

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