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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream and Interacted with My Guides

A friend, Marion, emailed me this morning to say that her sister, Sue, died last night. As I said a prayer for Marion and her sister, I strongly sensed Sue's spirit around me. She tried to apologize to me for something she had said years ago, but I told her there was no need to apologize because I had already forgiven her. I immediately felt a flood of loving, peaceful energy pour over me like warm water. I couldn’t help but cry—not tears of sorrow but of joy because Sue was out of her suffering, limited body and ready for new opportunities in the afterlife.

It’s so beautiful to deal with beings on a spiritual level. After years of not understanding why souls and entities came to me, and trying to do spiritual warfare (as I was taught in church) to keep them away, I now know I am called to this work of interaction with spirits who have left their earth suits.

Since listening to Amethyst Wyldfyre’s teleclass "Clear Your Energy & Electrify Your Business," I sense an energetic movement taking me to a higher level of spiritual effectiveness in my business dealings and personal relationships. My goal is to meditate for one hour per every night for seven nights and see what shifts as a result. It's already showing positive outcome. I had a dream last night that was a direct result of the spiritual clearing journey Amethyst took us on during the teleclass. In the dream, I was interacting with my guides and people from my life a long time ago. We were doing some serious housecleaning and deciding what to keep and what to toss.

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Amethyst said...

Yvonne - I'm so honored - and grateful for your presence on my call & in my life - awakening the dreamer is part of my purpose and to know that the work that has been delivered successfully manifested that for even one soul is such a treasure to me... You are LIGHT - thank you for sharing your brilliance with the world... Peace is in you! Love lights us... Amethyst

Yvonne Perry said...

It's my privilege to know you, Amethyst. Thank you for being part of my life.

Love and Light,