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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Traditional vs. Green Burial Alternatives

Traditional funeral etiquette and many 20th-century romantics will tell you that fresh flowers are the perfect objects of condolence. Some will say that a colorful, vibrant bouquet symbolizes how beautiful life is, while others believe that flowers simply signify the brevity of life.

One green alternative to traditional flower arrangements is making a donation to charity in the name of a beloved friend or family member. It's becoming more common and many obituaries even suggest a favored charity to receive gifts in lieu of flowers. Consider a charitable donation to honor your loved one.

When sending condolences, you want to convey your most heartfelt sympathy. Condolences are intended to show your profound sentiment and compassion for those in mourning. My Living Reef can help make your condolences special by making a difference with your sentiments.

In honor of someone you've loved, make a difference. Make the world a better place with a contribution in memorium. Dedicate a baby sea turtle in your loved one's name with a donation to Sea Turtle Rescue. To learn more click here.


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