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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spirits Who Cross Over Are Able to Visit Us on Earth

There are times when a spirit has a personal message for me or another person. If I can deliver the message without causing discomfort to myself, I will try to do so.

For example, I was keeping my grandsons at their home while their parents were away for a week celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary.The day before Amanda and my son returned home, Amanda’s mother, Kendra (“Nanna K” as her grandchildren called her), dropped by in spirit. I knew and loved Kendra and didn’t even have to ask who the spirit was. There was a lightness, warmth, and sense of love surrounding me as I heard her say, “I’m just dropping by to check on my babies. It’s good to see you here. Thank you for all you do for Amanda and the boys.” I was glad she dropped by.

I was curious to know whether or not my seventeen-month-old grandson could see her so I asked Kendra to sit in the chair next to him. I said, “Jonas, your grandmother is here. Can you say hello?” He looked directly at the chair then back to me as if to say, "which one?" Both of his grandmothers were there!

I know earthbound spirits are able to interact with us on the earth plane, but I wasn't sure if those like Kendra who have crossed over and into the light were able to. Kendra's visit confirmed what I read in Mary Ann Winkowski's book, When Ghosts Speak. Those who cross over are able to visit many dimensions and vibrational planes, while those spirits who have not crossed over are stuck in the earth plane until they choose to cross over. I also find it interesting that we have free will and choice in the afterlife.
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