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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Proof of the Afterlife - The Conversation Continues

Los Angeles, California, February 10, 2011 – Mercy Books announces the release of its new book, years in the making – Proof of the Afterlife - The Conversation Continues.

It’s a true story about one man's crossing over to the Other Side in September of 2005, when, after an out of control heart arrhythmia at 1:15am, he wakes up dead in the afterlife, and comes back thirty minutes later to tell about it. In the words of his family physician, "Dude, you have been somewhere very few people ever return from." Since that time, this book also chronicles his somewhat unusual daily life - one of frequent God-encounters, and visits from the other side by family and friends on a mission to facilitate love, mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Contact the author directly for media interviews and speaking engagements. Get your own personal copy of the book at . Come along for your own hope-filled journey into the reality of eternal life. Do you know people who are struggling with family, relationships, terminal illness or just life in general? This book will lead you to concrete, indisputable, life-changing and reassuring facts: God is real! He is alive and well, and in control. Your family and friends who have passed on are very much alive. They love you and are waiting for you to come home.

Cautionary Note: While reading Proof of the Afterlife – The Conversation Continues, God-encounters may be possible, weeping and grieving may occur, and peace may flood your soul. Uncontrollable laughter and joy may follow!

All the proceeds of Mercy Books go to benefit the homeless in America. Contact the author today for media interviews and speaking engagements at
The book retails for $19.95 and is available for direct customer ordering by calling 1-800-BookLog (266-5564) or on the Internet at Beginning March 1, 2011, it will also be available at all Barnes and Noble Stores, as well as
Contact: Author, Br. Gary Joseph

For more information, you might enjoy reading More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife.

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