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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is There Any Evidence for Life After Death?

Find out today on We Are One in Spirit Podcast as LavendarRose interviews scientific researcher and spiritualist author Dr. Jan Vandersand. They will be discussing his research and the paranormal events he has written about in his book, Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence.

Many people do not believe in the afterlife because they say it can't be proven. But what you experience is yours and yours alone. It is not necessarily up for debate, nor does it need proof.

Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D. has described in considerable detail some of the best evidence that he is aware of for life after death. He has based this evidence on his own experiences, which include sittings with trance mediums and channelers, and also sitting quite regularly over an eight year period in a circle in which he witnessed physical phenomena such as trumpets flying around the séance room, direct voice, and ectoplasm. All his experiences are described in detail.

Additionally, three of his close friends witnessed full materializations numerous times and one of them, Professor Jack Allen, photographed ectoplasm coming from the medium as well as two full materializations. These four photographs are shown in the book.

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Jan is a scientist and has a technical background that has nothing to do with spiritual matters. Learn how he got involved in communicating with the disembodied spirits and paranormal experiences that provide evidence for life after death such as those he describes in his book.

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His experiences have made it possible for him to critically read a lot of the existing literature on psychic phenomena. He has cited numerous cases, which he believes are genuine and are some of the best evidence for life after death. These cases come from channelers, trance mediums, direct voice and materialization sittings. Several materialization mediums are discussed in detail, and some photographs of ectoplasm and full materializations are shown and are compared to the ones taken by Professor Allen. Considerable emphasis is placed on materializations since they are the most impressive evidence for life after death.

The author also considers alternative explanations for these psychic phenomena such as fraud, telepathy and “super-ESP”, but in all the cases he documents the survival of life after death hypothesis is the most likely explanation.

Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D. received his B.A. with honors from Swarthmore College, his M.Sc. in Physics from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He was a lecturer, then an Assistant Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand and then a visiting Associate Professor at Cornell University. Before working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) –part of Caltech/NASA- for eleven years he was a stock market analyst at the brokerage firm Rodman & Renshaw in Chicago for a year. At JPL he was a Technical Group Leader and worked on power sources for space applications. After leaving JPL, he was the President & CEO of the AMEX listed company Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. for eight years. Currently he is the Director of Communications for the Hi-Tech company VIASPACE Inc. He has had over 80 scientific articles published in scientific journals and conference proceedings and has three patents.

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