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Monday, December 24, 2012

Moving on after a National Tragedy

 When an event occurs—such as the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut--that gets nationwide attention, it creates a huge, negative pool of energy in the collective consciousness of humanity. People respond with all kinds of emotions, from anger at the perpetrator to sympathy for the victims. 

When the media focuses on the perpetrator of a hideous crime it activates the darkness in the minds of others who have considered doing something to gain public attention. No wonder we have similar events cropping up within weeks of such a calamity.

The day after the shooting in Connecticut, an empath friend of mine asked if I was doing okay. She hoped that I wasn’t being sucked in by the energy of grief that was engulfing the nation and being pumped by the media. I assured her that while I had compassion for the families who had lost loved ones in that shooting, I was not overcome with sorrow. It may sound callous or aloof to admit such a thing, but I know that every soul agrees to play a role at an unconscious level and brings about the circumstances it is involved in. So even if children’s bodies and earth lives were destroyed, their forever wise souls were not victims. Perhaps the lesson was part of that soul’s development plan; or the soul of a loved one affected by the tragedy may have learned something valuable from the experience. I’ve learned that it is not wise to intervene in this soul-awakening process.

If I were to add my grief to a situation like this, it would not bring back one of those dear children or adults who died that day. It would make me miserable because I’m sending my energy out where it doesn’t belong. I would be sticking my nose in someone else’s business, but it would not comfort the families. In fact, it would only intensify and prolong their grief. In my book, More Than Meets the Eye, I mentioned how our grieving affects the soul of the departed and keeps them around family members in the Earth plane. If a soul stays too long after departing the body, it can miss its opportunity to crossover. Thus, it can become Earthbound unless someone shows it the way to the light.

So what can we do when something hits the media and garners negative public attention like this? “Let the dead bury the dead,” as Jesus said.
  1. Send a beam of light and love to the grieving families and the departed souls.
  2. Send uplifting cards or letters to the families–anything that will create a lighter feeling surrounding the situation.
  3. If you know the family, reach out to them with a meal or other kind gesture.
  4. Envision a portal of light for the departed souls to enter where they can cross over into a blissful afterlife. 
  5. Refrain from watching the media coverage and rehashing of the event. 
  6. Send a beam of light and love to others who are in darkness or are considering enacting violent crimes against others. 
  7. Pray or meditate on world peace! Studies have shown repeatedly that when a large group of people pray, meditate, or direct their collective energy toward one purpose it has a huge effect. When a group of yogis gathered in Washington to meditate on a mantra the crime rate in that area went down as much as 24.6 percent.  
 It will make a difference not only in how you feel, it will help souls move on, ease the grief of the families involved, and lessen the possibility of other crimes that tend to follow.

If you tend to be so empathic that it interferes with your ability to be in public, you will appreciate the tips in  chapters 9 & 10 of my book, Whose Stuff Is This?
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