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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Souls in the Afterlife

Souls are typically only able to manifest in one place at a time while wearing a physical body. Without the body, a soul can travel anywhere and experience unlimited ability to move about and manifest in any dimension. From what I’ve learned, a soul can move from one place to another with nothing more than a conscious thought. Thus, one who was a mother to you in a recent life is able to be around you one minute and be about her business in other dimensions the next (or even simultaneously).

So, when you think of your loved one, he or she likely senses that vibrational signal and is able to respond by projecting their presence even if you don’t see, hear, or sense them. Many times, our loved ones on the other side give us signs that they are visiting us. Be aware of things crossing your path that are signs of visitation. These include but are definitely not limited to hearing songs she loved, smells that were common to him, objects that she would have liked, etc. For example, when my aunt is visiting me, I smell cigarette smoke and see cameos—a sign that we agreed upon would be an indication that she was contacting me.   
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