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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What to Do When a Deceased Love One is Bothering You

At first it is comforting. Ah, your sweet aunt came to visit you three days after her funeral. You smelled her cologne and remembered some nice day you spent shopping with her. Then, she's there the next week, and the week after that, and the next thing you know she's there all day and making herself at home. Spirit visitations seem to occur more often around the holidays or some event that may be significant to the deceased—like a birth/death day, anniversary date, or family reunion. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I think it is fitting to address this now.

I get emails from readers who many times are having issues with deceased loved ones or other earthbound spirits (or soul aspect that did not cross over) who want to hang around those who are still in body. Some spirits or ghosts can be disruptive, like a house guest that won't leave or go home when the party is over. I want to address this and gives some tips on how to deal with the deceased loved one who is making themselves a pest in your home or personal space.

This invasion (even though this spirit is your mom or dad, brother or sister, etc.) is like having a friend show up at your door uninvited everyday and stay until all hours while disrespecting your privacy. They may watch you in the shower, hover over you while you are in bed, and even move stuff around in your house. This type of spirit visitation is not comforting and personally, I would not allow it.

Many times simply asking the spirit to leave and then burning some sage in the house will suffice for clearing. However, if this does not work, then ask yourself what you are doing to allow or require this entity a presence there. Is there some unfinished business between the two of you? Identify what this business might be. Was there an argument prior to his/her death? Were you their caregiver and now they feel obligated to you? Did you inherit some piece of furniture, jewelry, car, house, money, or other possession that this person held dear?

Call in your angels and highest guidance aligned with the Light and then sit down with this loved one and say whatever it is you need to say. Thank them for being in your life while they were in body and let them know that you love them, but need them to leave. Let them know that you appreciate the personal belonging that you inherited and that you will treasure it for as long as it is with you.

Most deceased loved ones do not want to cause harm to their family members—they just don't know they are being a bother. Tell them how they are negatively affecting you. Your grandmother/grandfather may have something to say to you that will give her/him the peace and resolution she/he needs to move on. When you feel that you have found resolution and the karma has been cleared between the two of you, (this should not take more than one session, so don't let them manipulate you into having more "pow-wows" or heart-to-heart talks) it is time to call upon archangels Michael and Chamuel and ask them to escort this entity to the light or some place in the afterlife where he/she can continue with soul development and ascension.

Because karmic patterns leave energy threads, you may still sense a slight (but much less pronounced) presence after the clearing. Don't let this trick you into thinking that the spirit is still there—that would open a door or extend an invitation for their return visit. This is the time to remind yourself that all karma has been resolved and that you are free to live your life without the influence of others, incarnated or dis-incarnated. Ask your higher guidance or angels to remove the karmic threads and fill those vacant spaces with the energy of love, light, peace, joy, grace, gentleness, or whatever you feel is appropriate.

I hope that helps you resolve this type of intrusion.

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Anonymous said...

Not many people get a glimpse of the "Afterlife" before the final journey. I believe that I am one of the few to experience that vision. It happened one night as I lay dreaming in my warm, safe bed at home. I was taken by the hand and pulled along through a dark void by a wispy creature, seemingly alien looking to me. I will call it my spirit guide, for want of a unique term. My guide did not talk to me, but gently pulled me through the inky blackness to, believe it or not, a very bright light. The light appeared to be shinning through a door. I know, but it's true, it really looked like a door, or a hole. My guide waited beside me while I peered into the light on the other side.

The only way to describe what I saw would be to say that it looked like a river of pure energy. Voices were calling to me to come in, and that I would like it. I did not recognize the voices, but they were warm and inviting. They explained that I needed to get out of my body, that it is just a container that holds our soul. I felt comfort and contentment. This is the moment that I probably missed my chance. I told them that I couldn't come in right now because my husband still needed me. I felt a very strong pull bringing me back to my bed. My guide seemed a little annoyed with me, but turned and brought me back through the void to my bed.

Now is when it gets strange to the point that even though it was several years ago, it feels like it happened last night. I sat straight up in bed, wide awake, thinking that it was a very lucid dream! However, it was only a dream. I sat for a few minutes thinking about how "real" it seemed. As I sat pondering the whole event, a blinding flash came from outside the open bedroom door. Not just a light that would be caused by car lights or a light bulb blowing up. This was like the blaze of a super nova exploding! Usually I would be out of bed in an instant to investigate. My body sat frozen in time. Time passed slowly while the ice melted from my bones and finally let me slide back under my covers until hours later sleep finally let me rest.

In the morning I checked all the light bulbs upstairs and all were working properly. I can't explain what happened that night except that I believe I know where I am going when I die.

Anonymous said...