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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The reason I love The Ghost Whisperer

The reason I love the CBS show The Ghost Whisperer so much is that I finally found a show that demonstrates someone who has experiences similar to mine, and with the show being so popular, I no longer felt like such an odd-ball when I speak about it. Spirit communication has been a normal part of my life for many years.

Just last month, I had a visitor in my office who came along with a book that was delivered by UPS. I had edited the book for a client and it was about his father who had deceased and about his brother who committed suicide at age 16. It was the brother's spirit who accompanied the book. I sensed his presence the moment I touched the box and he asked if he could stay and observe for a while. (Spirits do that sometimes) I told him it was okay to stay and observe as long as he didn't pull any tricks with me. But, being the playful soul that he is, he couldn't resist! I was sitting in my office when all of a sudden POP! It sounded like a cap gun went off in the corner of the room. (I heard it with my own ears, not just in my head) Remember those red rolls/strips of caps that kids put in a metal gun? We used to pop them with a hammer. I knew it was this spirit playing games (normal for him per the book) and told him he had to leave because I wasn't putting up with being startled while I'm working. He left, but I thought is was funny afterward.

I've awakened in the night to see souls standing over my bed just looking at me. I'm like "What? Can't a girl sleep?" I've had spirits move stuff around in my house. They have broken stuff, thrown boots down from the top of my closet, hidden objects only to be found later exactly where I left them, etc.

Last week's episode of The Ghost Whisperer was about a walk-in or soul exchange. While the show has a bit of "Hollywood" or sensationalism to make it entertaining, its content is based on very true spiritual experiences. In the episode that aired November 21, Jim has died, but refuses to leave Melinda and go into the Light. Instead, he "walks in" to the body of someone who has just died. Melinda knows what has happened and spends the entire show trying to convince others and keep Jim from leaving her as he takes on the life of the man whose body he now occupies. 

Yes, it all sounds far fetched, but I know from first-hand experience that walk-ins and soul exchanges do happen frequently. I will be sharing my story and that of another walk-in when I air my podcast on December 5 as I will interview the co-authors of The Legacy of the Chosen One. Read more at


I feel like Melinda Gordon sometimes. I got a message from a friend who passed last December. He wanted me to write his mom and let her know that he is with someone or possibly a pet named Mason. I have no idea whether or not they will accept my message and I certainly don't want to upset them, but he was bothering the heck out of me about getting in touch with them. I sat on this information since last summer. So, today I wrote a letter and plan to mail it tomorrow. I hope they don't think I'm insane or harassing them.


Reston said...

WONDERFUL! THANK YOU! The walk-in process can be difficult and very confusing. I am currently learning as much as possible to help undertand myself. Am I a walk-in? Seems to be shaping up to be that way. I appreciate your courage to bring this forward. Also the Ghost Whisperer is an avenue to see others with similar abilities. It has been helpful to me to accept strange as now more of the "every day" happenings.

Sun Singer said...

I also enjoy that program a great deal. The walk-in episode was interesting, but appeared to have a flaw. If the body Jim walked into was too damaged for its original inhabitant, I don't think Jim would be able to sustain himself "within" it.

Otherwise, interesting show.