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Monday, March 23, 2009

My dear friend, Reverend Juliet Nightingale, had a number of near-death experiences (NDEs) resulting from life-threatening illnesses she had endured since childhood. One of them occurred in the mid-70s while battling colon cancer, which caused her to lapse into a coma. These experiences, along with many out-of-body and spiritually transformative experiences (STEs), have had a profound and lasting effect on her life. Initially, however, she rarely spoke about them because of being grossly judged and misunderstood when she did. Later, she became a spokeswoman, who helped many people understand these types of experiences.

I met this lifelong mystic and seer from England when she was facilitating a near-death study group in Nashville. She wrote the foreword for my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories About Death, Dying, and Afterlife.

It was Juliet's calling to help others vocalize their spiritual experiences and find meaning in them. She spearheaded study groups such as her Ning group, offered personal help to others through her Web site Toward the Light, a hosted a weekly radio show on BBSRadio, and shared her near-death story to offer encouragement to all.

Even after she moved to the northeast, Juliet and I networked online for many years after. One such event was on Samhain (Halloween) in 2008. She was suffering and in pain during our interview, but never complained while she spoke about her NDEs and her involvement with the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Soon after our interview, this dear woman entered hospice where her needs were met by her daughter--a woman as loving as Juliet.

I continued to keep in touch with Juliet's daughter when Juliet was no longer able to sit at the computer and type. She continued her radio show until January 25. One month later (Saturday, 28 February 2009), Reverend Juliet Nightingale passed into the spirit world and is no longer encumbered by a frail physical body. She is in the afterlife where her spirit continues to soar in freedom.

I can still hear her say, "All there is is love, and love is everywhere!"

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