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Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Atlanta Hospice Director Barbara Moore

On Monday, July 12, I spoke at the staff meeting for Atlanta Hospice. What a wonderful group of people! Here is a photo of me with my gracious hostess, Barbara Moore, Director of Volunteer and Support Services for Visiting Nurses. Barbara welcomes anyone interested in volunteering their time or talent to make a difference in patients’ lives at the center or via in-home visits. Contact Barbara Moore at 404-869-3000 or Volunteer Coordinator Ann Serrie, 404-848-7955.

During my talk, I  talked related some of the end-of-life commonalities and differences that may be seen by those who work as a member of a hospice team or care for a patient living with a terminal illness. In the upcoming days,  I will post excerpts from my speech on this blog.

Everyone's life is different because our experience is defined by our choices and beliefs. We may share similar life stories, human characteristics, and basic needs to sustain life, but we are unique individuals.

The same is true about our dying experience. Those who die a natural death may share common occurrences as the end nears, but that experience may be slightly different depending upon an individual’s belief systems.

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