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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Healers Working with Hospice

There is a difference between cure and healing. Cure means that the disease no longer exists. Healing is the art of demonstrating compassion. It can mean helping someone resolve guilt, mending a relationship, helping a patient through the grieving process, restoring his or her self-worth, offering comfort, allowing a patient to die with dignity and peace of mind.

Hospice gives a patient the chance to talk about the things that they cannot discuss with family members. Being a good listener is so important. If you are an energy worker, end-of-life patients can benefit from your services. Have you considered volunteering as a way to apprentice and practice your skills of sharing loving energy?

By providing hospice service to a person who is experiencing isolation, loneliness, and even abandonment issues, YOU ARE A HEALER! Your interaction as a hospice worker has a strong influence upon the patient and the family.

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