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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Afterlife - Is There Life After Death?

By Suzy Morgan

I love this question! Let's hear it angels!

My smart-alecky guides are bent over double in hysterics. What do you do now? You wander around. You think you have a purpose because you signed yourself up for a job, or the dishes, or the kids, and they're all waiting for you, now. Yeah? So what.

The dead "walk around" without bodies. They are energy. You are energy. Today you see yourself as real but you are simply matter taking up space. You can look with your physical eyes in the mirror and validate that it's you. Because you recognize yourself, does that mean you exist? How can you prove you exist? By your credit cards, your bank balance, your appointment this week at the dentist? The fact that another being in physical form walks into your space and gives you a hug? What if you both made the whole thing up? Fun thought.

You do the same thing when you're dead. Only you've left your body behind. Not only that, but your behind stayed with your decaying physical body. What you carry in your head and your heart continue. For you purists, the brain and the physical heart die with the body. Who you are, how you think, whether you allow yourself to love or not, lives on. Your consciousness lives on with your soul for eternity. In truth, it's impossible to kill you off. You just shape shift and create a deep mourning process for those of us left in a body who still love you and think you are gone forever. We should only know. We can't get rid of each other except by choice.

The physical life of our third dimensional world gives you the opportunity to squeeze yourself into the narrowly constricting reality of the five senses. Your dead-life affords you the opportunity to enlarge your view of life by filling your spirit with the Light of the Divine. This is heady stuff.

Imagine feeling safe, and loved, completely at home with every other being. Imagine there are differences, but you know intuitively that the differences mean nothing. It's like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. You may have a preference, but one is not better than another.

You gently merge with each other, still maintaining your sense of your self, but aligned completely with The Self. You know that you are complete, whole, and perfect, unable to separate yourself from the scenery, from God, from each other, and, more importantly, you no longer want to separate. You accept you are an integral part of life. You are as important as the bum on the street and the Divine itself.

In this place of a life without judgment, we can be still and absorb the Light. We can choose to act as a guide for others. We can allow ourselves to be guided by others. We can continue helping others on earth see life through our expanded vision. Our path is guided by the Universal Love that surrounds and fills us until we heal from the pain of the body.

Then we are free to choose again. If we are ready to try on a new body with what appear to be new characters in each scene, it is up to us. If we have work to do on the other side, we can remain. If we choose to do nothing, and some do, we are free to do just that.

Suzy Morgan, B.A., H.H.P, is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Medium, an Energy Healer, and a Channel for the Angels offering Angel Readings and Healing.

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