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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Helping Souls Cross Over

A new friend of mine recently told me that she had started letting spirits communicate with her. For a long time, she had let the "whisperings" pass by—dismissing them as her imagination. Last week, she decided to follow up on the things that they were telling her. Doing some Internet research on the names, events, and places they were giving her, she was able to confirm that these souls were truly identifying themselves with facts that could be proven historically. She has a desire to help them cross over. Since she is a newbie at doing this, I gave her some pointers that I'd like to share with you as well.

If you want to work directly with the souls to cross them over, I hope you will do so by calling in your spiritual guidance team (ascended masters, angels, etc.) to "screen your calls" so to speak. I was so bombarded by ghosts at one point that I decided to stop working with these lost souls. I didn't want to close down my ability to hear and see in the spirit realm, but I needed a break from all the intrusions. I wasn't bothered by them for a while. That is until I consciously agreed to make my shift into using my business endeavors to accomplish my spiritual mission, which includes communicating with those who have passed.

I was hesitant about opening myself up to this sort of thing again, so I put some strong boundaries in place about what type of souls I would consciously work with. As part of setting boundaries with entities (as I mentioned in my book for empathic and energy-sensitive people, Whose Stuff Is This?) I work with my guidance team, which includes Archangels Michael and Chamuel and ascended Masters Jesus Christ and Quan Yin. While I am energetically aware when there is an entity in my vicinity, the only ones who get to interact with me are the ones who actually have a pertinent message to deliver. Otherwise, my guides work directly with the lost souls who come to me for help. My guides help them cross over without my conscious participation.

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