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Friday, July 8, 2011

Speaking with A Ghost in My House

A week or so ago, things began disappearing and then reappearing in my house. I would go to a location where I knew something should be and the item would not be there. I would search thoroughly before finally giving up. A few moments later, I would go back to the location and it would be there in plain site; or else I'd ask my husband if he had seen the item and he would walk to the exact place I had looked and pick up, giving me a puzzled look as to why I couldn't see it. This happened about five times and I was pretty certain there was a ghost in our house. It felt like the spirit of a child--young, innocent, curious, and playful.

Next, two framed photographs that had stood in place for years began to fall over of their own accord. This one was insistent upon getting my attention, but I really didn't want to deal with a ghost. The next day a client of mine called and said he sensed his deceased uncle was trying to get in touch with him but he was having trouble connecting and hearing. He asked if I would listen for a message. So, THAT'S who the ghost was! It made sense.The uncle was a light-hearted fellow who died young.

I called upon my guides to retrieve the message and bring it to me in a format that I could decipher. Not only was the uncle present in this listening session, his brother (my client's dad) also came through. My client was relieved and comforted by what these men had to say to him.

What a privilege it is to be able to share information from deceased loved ones. I remember when I used to pray several times a day (for many years) for all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit to manifest through me. Believe me, the gift of discerning of spirits has not ceased!!

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