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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts on Immortality

Today, I’m going to introduce something totally new to this blog about death, dying, and afterlife. I mentioned in my book, More Than Meets the Eye ~ True Stories About Death, Dying, and Afterlife, that I believe the soul has a choice about dying. We are all committing suicide on a daily basis when we do not care for our bodies and keep our minds focused on higher, positive things. However, I didn't realize that I was among millions of folks who share this thought and that my ideas are actually part of a philosophy called physical or biological immortality. I'll share some thoughts about this.

The soul was created immortal. It came into the body when God (or whatever you call Source energy) breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of the first human. God does not create death or destruction. He/She does not create things that fade away or perish. He creates all things perfect and good and eternal—like Itself. That includes humans! When we see ourselves as something other than a perfect creation of God and part of the same substance as the cosmic intelligence that gave us life, we limit what we can accomplish on Earth.

The veil of 3-D reality (also known as the curse) that fell in the proverbial Garden of Eden was not the death of the soul—it was the death of the body, which prior to that time was immortal. There had been no death of any kind until the first animal was slain to provide clothing for humans. This “curse,” which affected the entire earth: plants, animals, humans, etc. opened to humans a full range of possibilities in the earth plane—the ability to see or experience anything we want even death. There was nothing labeled as good or bad—we simply gained the ability to create as God did (humans had not created anything prior to this time—they only enjoyed what God had created).

We read in the Bible of many people who lived longer than we now do even with our current medical knowledge and intervention abilities. Some mentioned did not die at all. Enoch was whisked away in a chariot of fire (possibly a UFO—we are multidimensional beings able to go anywhere in spirit when unencumbered by the limitations of the physical body). Others also have achieved immortality:

  • In Buddhist history quite a few masters have achieved this, and the master who is most well-known for this achievement is Guru Rinpoche, who is still living today.
  • Enoch walked with God and was no more (Genesis 5:24)
  • Mahavatar Babaji and other Indian sadhus have appeared in various bodies long after the time that most humans give up their physical body and embrace death. A friend of mine met a woman how is more than 400 years old. With God, nothing is impossible to those who believe. If we believe ourselves to be separate from God, we will live a life that is limited in all aspects.
Jesus rent the veil of separation at the time of his death. He died and rose again in order to show that death in our physical body can be overcome. Since the soul already had eternal life when Jesus came, the “eternal life” he referred to was in regards to the physical body.

Then, why do we still have bodily death and see other living things die? Because we have not realized that we have another option. We have not grasped the fact that dying is a choice. We commit suicide on a daily basis through the choices we make—the most powerful choice being whether we believe in our own death or life. Because our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and words are the materials used to manifest or create our reality, we have affected death upon our planet.

Jesus said, that the last thing to be conquered is death. He also told us we would do even greater things that He did. The first thing to be conquered is our mind! The mind produces results in the body.

With a single decision, the forces of destruction and decay were set into motion. If we want to change this, we will collectively have to start believing in immortality of the body and stop unconsciously committing daily suicide. It may or may not happen in this current generation, but we have to start somewhere and that begins with deciding to take care of our body, love our body dearly, and consciously use our mind to strengthen the life urge and put away all thoughts that keep the death urge intact. This is a huge collective belief that I compare to a snowball rolling downhill, gathering more material as it descends. If only a few who read this post will start challenging their own beliefs (we can’t change others—we can only influence them), we can start leveling the ground so the snowball slows down—adding a few more years to our average life span. Then, as more people start embracing their immortality, we will dismantle the snow ball and see it as the fluffy stuff or illusion that it really is.

The curse we have been under for eons was broken when the first human achieved immortality in the physical body—and that person was not Jesus. He actually died and then resurrected his body. Even though we do not have to accept death as our reality we keep this ancient illusion intact with our beliefs. The veil was like putting a picture of death over the top of the picture of life that was already in the photo frame. We see the death photo, but the image of immortal life is still there behind the scenes for anyone who is willing to look behind the veil to life everlasting.

There is a realm of consciousness where death does not exists and we can live there by removing the blockages that hinder our spiritual vision. This is done through purification practices such as deep breathing that clear our chakras and auric bodies and remove toxins from our physical bodies. Breathing is a life-giving process that exposes and releases all negative and self-destructive patterns. For more on breathwork, see the following sites:

The mind reincarnates from one life to another; it never dies. You may have been working on physical immortality in previous lifetimes. If so, you will probably resonate with the thoughts on this page. Perhaps you will achieve it in this lifetime! If not, you are still helping yourself (and humanity) by setting an example. It’s worth a try! I mean, what have you got to lose, right? No judging” thoughts here on this blog.

As Leonard Orr says, “Death is a grave mistake!” and “Physical immortality as a living philosophy is the only cause you can’t die for!” and you are already immortal until you prove otherwise.” Why prove otherwise? Why not live in a new reality? I find this very exciting and just thinking about it has created more hope in my mind and joy in all the cells of my body.

In this video, Leonard Orr speaks about why immortality is the perfect religion:

After reading this post your mind will be expanded and it can never return to its former size. Are you ready to move your mind and body into harmony with your eternal spirit? I certainly am! In fact, I’ve created an mp3 of affirmations to help reprogram the mind to focus on this new concept. It will soon be on, but for now it is available on my website:

We can begin creating the energy for immortality by talking about it with others. Why not leave a comment here on this blog?

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