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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do Near Death Experiences PROVE There Is Life After Death (The Controversy About NDE Research)

By Danny Fredricks

What do near-death experiences actually prove? Can a dying brain actually provide PROOF that life continues on after physical death? And what are the alternative explanations? Surely no SERIOUS scientist, or doctor takes this stuff seriously, right? And does EVERYONE who comes close to death have a similar experience, and if not... why do some people have them, while others do not?

The truth is, NDE research is a very, very controversial area. It should be no surprise as well... as the implications for what this exciting field reveals, COULD revolutionize what we believe about life, and death, and what happens both before and after each... :-)

NDE's were popularized by Dr. Raymond Moody in 1975, in his book "Life after Life", although there are literally thousands of recorded near death experiences that go back to our earliest recorded history.

In recent years, with the advent of all sorts of advancements in life saving technology, more and more people are having POWERFUL, and life changing experiences at the moment of death... which seems to be shaking our understanding of the death process to it's very core.

Here is what we know, today:

1 - About 15% of all people who experience clinical death, WILL have an NDE.

2 - Most near death experiences are defined by a series of very similar, universally shared events - seeing a being of light, going through a tunnel, meeting deceased relatives, feelings of incredible peace, seeing one's body from above, having telepathic conversations, having a "choice" to return, and coming to some sort of "line in the sand" where if you cross, you can't come back.

3 - Most NDE'rs lose the fear of death completely. (over 90%)

4 - Most near death experiences do NOT have overtly religious overtones... even though they are often symbolic, especially in the being of light. (Westerners tend to see religious icons from "here" while Easterners tend to see icons associated with their beliefs or traditions as well)

5 - Children often report the MOST profound NDE's, and the ones well worth studying as well... as they are absent a lot of the dogma, yet retain the TRANSCENDENT elements of the experience

6 - Many near death experiencers return with psychic sensitivities that are HARD to explain away or dismiss. (including an uncanny ability to see and speak to those on the "other side" once back here)

7 - Many of the MOST common skeptical explanations for the experience have been fairly well addressed, including hallucination, lack of oxygen to the brain, and even fabrication

8 - Many well known doctors have studied NDE's skeptically... and have become convinced they are evidence that the human spirit "survives" physical death, at least for a while... and that mind and brain are NOT the same thing. (most notably amongst these are Dr. Jeffery Long, and Dr. Sam Parnia... who is the chief investigator in the AWARE study, being conducted in hospitals around the world in 2011)

Are NDE's PROOF that life continues on after death?

I guess it depends on what you consider PROOF! The fact is, they are highly suggestive, and when combined with all of the OTHER evidence out there, including psychic mediums, afterlife encounters, apparitions, etc... seem to strongly suggest that there is much more to our physical lives than meets the eye. (and that is a pretty exciting discovery in my book to boot!)

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