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Monday, January 23, 2012

The NDE Reveals the Family of Man

By Valerie Olmsted

Belief in a Creator of some sort is common; more common than not. Organized religions would have you believe that there is only one God and they are the only possessor of the name of that one. The problem is that God the Creator has more than one thousand names and all of the organized religions on the planet have only a piece of the Truth. Put all of the pieces together and you start to see more of the picture.

The main truth is this: everything you need to know is within, hidden within the human being itself. The only way to the Truth is to connect, through that deep inner portion of us that is the spark of the Creator. Call it the Christ, the Highest Self or whatever, it is that part of us that cannot be altered, the single point of Life...the cause of our existence.

Those who have met the Creator through an NDE (Near Death Experience) will tell you that it is an indescribable Love, beyond anything that can be imagined in this human existence. For those who have been wrapped in this feeling it is difficult to be here on Earth, where this is so little Love. It takes time to be able to reconcile the self with remaining here and it is only the memory of being told we must remain that keeps us here. Some of us remember examining our last life on Earth and agreeing to come back to help, knowing full well how difficult it would be.

The hardest part is separating one's Ego from the attacks of the unknowing. When one returns from the celestial realms one is well aware of how much in fear most of the people here are. Even being aware of the reasons behind peoples' reactions it is still difficult and painful to the emotions to experience it...and to be separate from the all-encompassing Love of the Creator and the helper beings on the other side.

Many people who have an NDE say they came back because of their children or other loved ones. Others have vivid memories of being shown why they lived and what would happen if they returned; they have complete memory of agreeing to come back to help humanity in the graduation process. In this new contract is the realization that the karma of the next life will be theirs to deal with in this one but without the perks. In effect they are sacrificing their comfort in this life as a means of reaching more of the sleepers. Those who choose this path are here to awaken others and prepare them for the leap in consciousness that is coming.

We are being presented with an opportunity that only comes along every 26,500 years or so. In one of those "all hands on deck" scenarios, we are all being asked to wake up and move into a more conscious awareness of our galactic family connections, the Family of Man. Hopefully the majority of people here are up for it.

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