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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remembering The Love That Was Ours in Death

By Suzy Morgan

One of my clients who is as interested as I am in what happens when we die, asked these questions about life in the afterlife.

1. "Are you saying that we come back through reincarnation with the intent to remember the love from the other realm (the dead life), but then we forget when we're in the physical?" Wouldn't we know this was going to happen before we're born?

2. "Is there a way to set a permanent intention before we're born so we will positively NOT forget, despite physical challenges? Can't we use a fail-safe mechanism to do this?"

Yes, no,no, no. Hah Here's what I hear from my angelic guidance:

1a. We come into the physical for two reasons. One is to experience life on this beautiful earth. Our experience is based on our level of consciousness. Low level, low life. High level, high life. By levels, I do not mean financial. Levels are a way of explaining life in our world of contrast.

What I do mean is that the more spiritually evolved we are, the higher the level of consciousness we have. Does this mean that at a high level of consciousness we do not experience pain or the pain that others feel? Not always. Often our experience of pain is to help others evolve as well as ourselves. Our experiences and reactions are always about us. It is only how we experience ourselves and each other that we can change. We learn to lead with our heart instead of our investments. Who we are is transparent to those who see beyond their 3rd dimensional (3D) eyes.

We can choose to see things differently, no matter what. A Face Book friend wrote that her husband was murdered. The man was never found. She's learned to let go and be healed. She realized the she had to forgive the murderer or live her life filled with poisonous hate and grief herself. Then the murderer would have killed not just her husband, but she would have wasted her own.

The second reason we come onto earth is to evolve spiritually. This does not mean that everything goes perfectly when we are enlightened or close to it. Look at Jesus, Martin Luther King, and even my enlightened friend, David, with more Near Death Experiences than the cat with 9 lives. What it does mean is we learn to take the high road. We learn to stand up for what matters and release what doesn't. We learn to forgive. To live compassionately. To love beyond the physical.

2a. Yes we know before we are born that life is tougher in the physical, but imagine that all you remember from your dead life is being loved, accepted and cherished. No judgment of anything or anyone. Your past evaporates from your mind's memories. After awhile you relax into a comfort zone of something akin to being dropped off at 5-star hotel in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, with unlimited money and time to be with the people you choose. It's Nirvana. It's harder to motivate in Nirvana when you already have everything.

On earth, those on the lower end of the scale of consciousness think with our egos wide open, full throttle. We think only about us. We feel entitled to have anything and everyone we can take for ourselves. Those of us on the upper end tend to think of others and ways to make the physical world a kinder, gentler place.

There is no fail safe mechanism except evolving spiritually. We will never go backward on the scale of consciousness. A note of warning. If we are always measuring our deeds, we probably have a few more go-rounds at life on earth.

Suzy Morgan, B.A., H.H.P, is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Psychic Medium, a Psychic Energy Healer, and a Channel for the Angels offering Angel Readings and healing. By phone or in person.

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