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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feeling Like a Different Person after a Near-death Experience

Many of my blog readers may be wondering what a walk-in is and why I'm asking people to get on a call with people who have had a strange spiritual experience that left them feeling like a totally different person. And, why would I approach this subject on a blog that is specifically about death, dying, and afterlife?

The reason is because the walk-in experience is many times facilitated through a near-death experience or suicide attempt. I wrote about near-death experiences in my book, More Than Meets the Eye ~ True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Life reviews, traveling through a tunnel of light, meeting deceased loved ones, Jesus and other ascended masters, or being told to go back and complete this lifetime—are included in the reports we hear when a person’s soul temporarily visits the afterlife and returns to the body.

What we rarely hear is how the NDE often significantly changes a person. Many tend to find themselves suddenly open to the spiritual realm, some become empathic or energy sensitive, or begin to exhibit psychic gifts as a result of their brush with death. Others feel like they are not the same person as before the event, and that may very well be true. A near-death experience can facilitate a prearranged soul swap, but not everyone who has a near-death experience will have a walk-in/walk-out experience.

So what is a walk-in? There is both a simple and a complex answer to that questions. Simple, if you understand the multi-dimensional aspect of a soul existing simultaneously on parallel planes. The answer is simple if you can accept that being born into a body is not the only way a soul can enter the Earth, and that death is not the only way a soul can leave this world. However, the answer is complicated when trying to explain all the ways that soul exchanges, co-habitations, soul braids/merges, soul over-lighting/draping, soul upgrades, and cosmic downloads can happen. That is why I wrote an entire book about the walk-in experience. If the following indications that a walk-in has occurred seem to resonate with you, then you may want to get a copy of my book.
  • An abrupt change in personality that may have resulted from a dissociative event, near-death experience, suicide attempt, or other perilous marker.
  • Feeling like your body has been short circuited or that your nerves have been fried. 
  • Feeling that you are a stranger in your own body 
  • Brain fog or sudden loss of memory.
  • Having a sense that you are a misfit on Earth. This feeling may have intensified when the two souls swapped places. 
  • Suddenly having chronic fatigue and muscle pain such as fibromyalgia. For me, this started with the actual event that pinned me to the floor, and lasted for more than two years afterward. 
  • Spiritual gifts suddenly opening up: You start to know things about people that no one has told you. You suddenly start to see, hear, or feel non-physical beings around you. You become more telepathic. Your sensitivity to energy increases. You touch someone and they are healed. 

For more information, you might enjoy reading Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness. Also visit for information on this topic.
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