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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why Deceased Loved Ones May or May Not Hang Around You

From time to time I get a question from a reader of this blog that I feel many people might want to have answered. So, with the permission of a gracious woman named Brenda, I want to share a segment of our discussion about why deceased loved ones may or may not hang around us here on Earth.

Brenda wrote:

"I am in the last stages of processing my dads passing. However, I still feel stuck between acceptance and denial. I'm a little angry that he is not here in the physical, and I feel a huge void. I keep circling between these emotions, then I'm ok, then, back to denial, sadness, and crying bouts! Do you think my dad sees me from where he's at? And, do they miss us too? I think the answer is yes!!! BUt, I need some input. I miss him and sometimes Im so tired of grieving. I want the pain to stop!!!! Im exuasted!!!! Please give me some input. Thank you."

To which I answered:

"Healing is a journey and it is very common to fluctuate back and forth between different emotions when grieving. I can’t tell you 100 percent that your dad can see you, but I can ask you to look for signs of his presence. The more those in body grieve for those who have left the body, the more we keep them earthbound. That’s because they want to know that we are okay with their leaving and they want us to be happy. If your dad feels that you are not okay without him, he will likely stay near you, but it may grieve him to do so. I say that because he has other missions/purposes that need to be tended to in the afterlife.

"You might want to have a chat with your dad (pull up a chair, light a candle, and just talk as if he's in the room) and let him know you are going to be okay and that you want him to find his joy in the next world/life. Let him know that you love and appreciate all you had here in this Earth life and that it’s okay to move on. I believe this will stop some of the grief you (and possibly, he) are experiencing."

By the way, our loved ones who have crossed over communicate with us in a variety of ways. They may bring a familiar smell, or leave coins, feathers, or other objects in our path. They may appear in bird, animal, or human form. They may come to us in our dreams, or may be the voice we hear in our head. You may hear a song that was special to him or her.

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