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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Losing the Will to Live

You've probably heard of people losing their will to live, but I wonder how much a person's will actually has upon whether he or she lives or dies.

When my friend's grandfather passed, my friend's grandmother was in pretty good health. When her soul mate died, she lost her will to live, and she passed within one year of his death.

When my uncle was in hospice, he stayed in his body for nearly a year after the doctors thought he should have died. He had no quality of life. He would rally and then fall back over and over as his body continued to decline. Finally, he went into a coma and was passed. I believe the reason his body did not die sooner was because my family was praying and pulling for him to get well. It seemed to me that their collective energy had just enough power to impact his will to live.

When my grandmother fell, I felt strongly that her soul was intending to reach the other side before losing another child through death. If you've been following this blog, you know that my aunt has terminal lung cancer. My grandmother pulled through her hip surgery and is recovering at home, but she will never be able to walk again. Being totally dependent upon another person was something she never wanted. She has been active all her life, and this is quite an adjustment for her.

Have you seen someone die because he or she lost the will to live?
Have you seen someone live against all odds because he or she had a strong will to live?
Do you believe prayer or another person's will can influence the continuation or ending of someone whose life is hanging in the balance?

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