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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Highest Tribute To The Dead - Not Grief, But Gratitude

Helping elders and their families feel vital and empowered is a movement, a call to action, an awakening to positive change. And so when Natalie Tucker Miller, founder of Ageless-Sages picture books for Elders™, speaks we all listen.

As I sit with my friend Lilah, weeks after her stroke, she indicates that her heart is telling her it’s time to move on. It’s easy to feel gratitude for my beautiful elder friend, yet waves of grief are present as well.

Saying good-bye to friends is just part of the package of befriending elders. The honor of being in the presence of people who have embraced the next leg of their journey is a gift I receive over and over and only hope I can adequately pay forward!

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