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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deceased Family Member Appears to Great-grandson

After my grandfather, Pap, passed away in 1988, his energy and spirit continued to be with our family. My grandmother reported many occasions when she saw him in her bedroom at night, talked to him throughout her day, or conversed with him in her dreams. My brother’s son was not yet born when Pap passed, but when he was three years old he began to tell his mom that Pap was in his room at night and that he was afraid of him. Knowing my grandfather as the prankster and practical joker that he was, he may have been teasing the toddler. My brother’s wife did not like the idea of a ghost in her son’s room so she asked Pap to leave and to never come back. He has not visited them since. My daughter-in-law has also mentioned having visits from Pap even though she didn’t know him while he was alive. After ten years, all family members stopped receiving visits from him. I wondered why, but I assumed he had a good reason for moving on.

About a week after my uncle passed, I heard him speaking to me in my head. He told me he had connected with his father. “Pap is in school”, he said. I laughed at the prospect of my grandfather being a student. I imagined him wearing a dunce cap or having “time out” for acting as class clown or picking on the girls! “Why is he in school?” I asked. “He’s learning his lessons!” he replied. We both laughed. My uncle explained, “It’s not a typical school like you have on Earth. Pap is in a “review and redo” conference with his guides and angels to negotiate his next life’s contract.” In other words, he was preparing to reincarnate.

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