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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spirit Being Comforts During Divorce

I am reminded of the kind and nurturing being who stayed near me on those lonely nights when I was processing through my divorce. It seemed that whenever I cried, this loving presence touched me in a warm and motherly way. I assumed it was an angel so I began to ask for her to touch me. She always complied, and I could feel her soothing warmth envelope me as she caressed my shoulders and back. When I met my current husband, Randy, my life became full of love. With his arms around me and didn’t really notice when the presence stopped visiting me.

One day during meditation, I asked my spirit guide to introduce me to some of the other beings who assist me on my journey. There was Ginny Lee, the mothering spirit who had consoled me during my divorce. He said that she had lived in the U.S. within the past decade, and had passed only a few years ago. He said she was a mother with a great sense of humor, who loved to care for people, and that she was the one who led me to the church where I met Randy.

I was so overwhelmed by this revelation that I started crying, and when I did, I felt those sweet, tender arms around me just like before! I shared my story with Randy and his mouth fell open, “You have just described my mother to a tee,” he said. “Her name was Virginia Lee, but people who were close to her called her Ginny Lee! She kept everyone laughing until she died suddenly three years ago.”

That was about the same time I started sensing her presence. Randy and I realized that his mom had chosen to leave her physical body in order to complete a Divine assignment—to bring the two of us together. We set a plate for her at the dinner table that night to honor her and thank her for blessing our lives. I rejoice now, knowing that those who pass to the other side still have missions and want to assist us in our earthly journey.
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sheila said...

it has tore my family apart. me and my mother found my 32 year old baby brother july 4, 2014.we think his
went low. we are such a close family. my mom said a week after my brother passed, she felt someone was watching her. she looked up and my brother was standing at the foot of her you think she really seen him???

Yvonne Perry said...

Sheila, my sympathy for you and your family. I know are still grieving--this was so recent. Your brother knows this too, and that is why he came to your/his mother to let someone know he was okay. Therefore, I believe that what your mom saw was real. It is very common for souls--especially when they leave suddenly--to visit their loved one within the first few days/weeks after passing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne, i m very thankful for your site and all the help that you provide to all of us, who have lost some dear person.
I also would like to share something about my deceased husband's visits. Actually i m little confused is he really visiting me or it's just my imagination but some strange things happened to me since his death 1 month ago. My husband was only 36, died in a bike accident after 19days in coma. We were so attached toeach other that we hardly got separated even for 2days before.
A week after my husband expired, the first thing i started feeling was a very strong presence of him supported with very hot waves around my shoulders. It continued around 20min then it has gone. Next days the hot waves felt on my hand and, on my cheeks and lately lips too. The wamth comes usually at same time in evening or late night. Sometimes it is so strong that I feel it as burning...

Another thing i have noticed is that usually before I go sleep my ears get somehow "opened". I cant describe actually what is it exactly but feeling is as my ears get times more sensitive than usual and sudden sounds appears in them as a whisper,sound of a fly bzzzz or just a music from far. Sometimes I could recognize particular words like " here, fine, love, with you" but other time its just mixed light whisper or sound..i.cant figure out. Actially my husband never spoke to anyone in a loud voice never in his life..

I also got 2-3visiting dreams that were sp vivid and after I awake I hardly believed it ws just a dream...Lately he appeared to me so well, healthy and smart. I asked him " are you fine, do you remember me" then he smiled, just shaked his head yes and tipped his cheek as he said " just kiss me to believe", then he again smiled. When I.kissed him the feeling was so real...I never liked to end...
But the first visit dream of him.was actually much more remarkable. It gave me answer to my question why he didnt opened his eyes these 19days though his head CAT scan report said his brain is not seripusly damaged. I saw him lying on the road,I.made him wake up so.many times but he hasnt awaked. I lstened his breath coming so slow and far as it came underground and then I woke I woke up with the feeling he told me that his life gone that day only and the rest was only the doctors duty and last try to save his life in the ICU. After some days the dream comtinued and again telepatically I got the words from.him that " it was to happen so, it was decided". But the feeling when I woke up was easy and light. I reminded the words of the doctors then when they told me that they were affraid his lung infection would not allow my husband to lead a proper life even if he came out of coma as one of the lungs was already shrinked more than 50% that means regular need of hospitalization and permanent scare of lungs failure anytime in the rest of his life. Then I got the answer of my question- maybe God and even he self didnt wish to make us all suffer with him especilly our 3years old daughter whom.he was attached so.much to.Maybe God decided that my husband could care for us much better from above rather from here if he remains alive. I realized that what my hubby told me in the dream "it must happened so" was unchangable but also it was accepted from him thats why I woke up with a light feeling and also somehow found strength to accept it.

Dear Yvonne, I have only 1 question to you and hopefully you will reply me. As I.never read such warmth or hot energy waves to be described as a typical sign for a visit from a deceased beloved, could it be really a sign or it is just my imagination??
I also feel his presence sometimes very intense around me when I.just sit alone or when I do some favorite hobby, watch our both fav TV show or so.

I would like to thank you once again for the great support you give us! I wish you all the best!!!

With respect: Leena

Yvonne Perry said...

Leena, your story is very heart touching and sweet. Your husband is with you in spirit. Enjoy his presence and embrace your own truth about this. No one else can tell you whether your experience is real or not. You must follow your heart. I can tell you that my experience with the angel or loving spirit presence during my divorce was the beginning of my ability to sense energy more keenly. My spiritual senses and gifts continue to unfold daily.

Katie said...

I was engaged on Christmas eve of this year and on new years day my fiance died unexpectedly, I found him gone on my bathroom floor. From the first moment I met him, I knew right away that we had some special type of soul connection, feelings that I have never experienced. About five days after he passed, I saged my home to send blessings and safe travels. I've been waiting for his visit, there has been many signs that he is around. He did visit his mom twice, the first visit she could not see his face but knew it was him, he didn't say anything but she held him...the second visit he came and sat on the end of her bed, smiling and told her that he loved her and everything was night I was home alone and I cried so hard for him that my neighbors could hear me, I fell asleep crying for him...I woke up the next morning and my hand was numb and tingling, it was numb the entire day, my friend called me that day saying she had the most intense dream about Jason, he kept saying he needed to get back to me because he didn't have much time, it's more detailed than that but I figured I would shorten it dad had an intense dream about him the night after he died, he said he was trying to explain to him what had happened in the bathroom but he could not understand what he was saying...there's been other little signs here and there but lately I've been smelling sage, constantly...I mainly smell it when I'm at home but I do smell it elsewhere...some days it's constant and really strong than other days...also I did try to meditate and try to contact him, I could feel vibrations going through my whole body, it's similar to a chill but different...I've been missing him so much and constantly cry out to him...if he would just come and visit me I could actually feel some comfort, this hasn't gotten any easier for me, some days are harder...I've always considered myself a spiritual person but since his passing it has opened my third eye I believe...I don't think it's fully opened but it's getting there, the other day I could see vibrations if you know what I mean...there's something happening to me and I'm not quite sure what it is yet...I won't give up on communicating with him, he was my soulmate

Yvonne Perry said...

Katie, it seems to me that he has come to you. The opening of your third eye and the vibrations you felt in your body could be an indication of him connecting with you. The sage smell is an acknowledging of his receiving the blessing you offered him. He's not likely going to appear in person in front of you. He may or may not come to you in a dream, but try to look for more subtle signs of his presence.

The note about his not having much time could be that he is about to cross over--some souls stay in the astral plane for a while after a sudden or unexpected death. We do not want them to stay there past their "visitation" period in which they tie up loose ends with family. The soul needs to cross over to complete the process. Then, they can come back for a visit without getting stuck.

Lindsay Thomas said...

My beautiful mother passed away in 2015 October I have been heartbroken ever since I wonder why she has never visited me ? and in dreams she is in the background I barely can remember does that mean that she is angry at me I always loved her and deep down I knew she loved me although it was always hard for her to express it and for me also she passed away during the night she lived with me but I never heard her that night in the morning when I found her she had such a look of peace that I've never seen before on her face I was very grateful to God for that although I don't understand why she has not come or spoke to me as others claimed their loved ones have

Lakshmi said...

My mother passed away in India from a cancer recurrence 14 years ago. I was living abroad then and came down to spend her last weeks with her. The pain of her passing has not lessened and I live in guilt for not having done enough for her. I recently moved back to India and have been living in our old house, A few months ago, while sorting through some old belongings, I sensed a distinct shift in energy, a very calm energy and felt surrounded by a smile and immense love. It was her smile and I know it was her. Words fail to fully describe, but it was an incredibly warm, lovely experience. I have never sensed her before this and I wonder why she chose to visit after all these years. Did the house provide an easy pathway for her to connect with me? This was my second encounter with a spirit. The last time was when I was sitting next to her as she lay on the hospital bed in her last days. I sensed a similar shift to a calm energy and saw an apparition of an older man above the bed.
Thank you for helping! I’m not sure if my last post went through, so I am posting the same again.

Yvonne Perry said...

Lakshmi, I'll post my answer here too.

When a person lives somewhere, their energy gets imprinted into the house. This makes it easier for them to find their way back to that location in the afterlife. I'm sure as you were going through your mom's things and having thoughts of her, it sent out a signal to her in the afterlife. Thus, she came to let you know she is doing well.

I hope you can let go of your guilt and accept that she loves you unconditionally.

Lakshmi said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, Yvonne. I wish you well.

Yvonne Perry said...

You're most welcome.