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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Will I Be Possessed If I Try to Contact Spirit Beings?

I realize that many people are afraid they might contact the wrong person or be possessed by an evil spirit or get into trouble with dark entities if they reach out to their deceased loved ones. When I was doing spiritual warfare, (as taught by the church I was attending) I encountered all kinds of entities and my energy field was being infiltrated by lost souls looking for their way Home. I didn’t know what was happening, but I was hearing some awful things in my head.

Now, I know how to help souls cross over and protect myself from being vulnerable. Dark beings gravitate to fear, but they are repelled by love and light. Simply send a mental beam of love and light to the dark entity and it will flee. When I stopped giving power to the belief (or expectation) that I would contact dark entities, they automatically stopped showing up.

I can still feel negative energy around a person, but I remind myself that we are all one in Spirit and that nothing can harm me unless I open myself to allow it. Remember that we are never working alone; we have helpers of the highest light to assist us. If you have closed your psychic powers down because you are afraid, simply ask the angels to put a hedge around you and protect you from all harm or evil, and allow you to connect only with the light beings who are willing and able to assist you in doing God’s will.

As you begin to trust your guidance and intuition, you will find that you receive only God’s highest and best. Then you will be able to assist souls on both sides of the veil without fear.
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