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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, and the Afterlife

I spoke to my Aunt Kat last Sunday. She was in good spirit and has a good mind--even though she says cancer is killing her brain cells. We were able to laugh as we chatted about dying. She and I both are able comfortable talking about the afterlife. She plans to visit me once her spirit leaves her body, which will probably be soon. Her health is failing and she is entering the latter stages of her battle with lung cancer.

She says she will give me the sign of a cameo or silhouette to let me know she is contacting me from the other side. As much as I hate to lose her in physical form, I'm actually looking forward to having her near me in spirit, and hope she will visit me often. Even though Kat still clings to her Christian views, she is open to communication from the other side. I suppose she has heard her mom (Nanny) talk about her "visitors" so many times that it is a natural and acceptable to believe.

Nanny, now age 94, had a near-death experience (NDE) when she was in her thirties. In the NDE, she communicated directly with angels who told her she had to come back to earth and finish raising her children. Until recently, Nanny rarely spoke of it with anyone but my mother and me. Probably because I have had two NDEs and totally understand and believe her. And, mom? Well, she doesn't say much one way or the other about it. I'm not sure if she sees in the spirit and doesn't admit it, or if she's just humoring me and Nanny.

As Nanny's life is coming to a close, she frequently shares that she sees and talks to her husband and son, her siblings, and her own mother from the spirit realm. In the past 10 months (since she fell, broke her hip and arm, and had two surgeries to repair the damage), she's been seeing angels and spirit guides more often than before. The messages they deliver bring encouragement that her time on earth is short and that everything on the other side is set for her arrival. Seems like an entourage is waiting for her there. It will be sad to see her leave us, but it is comforting to know that she will be reunited with loved ones when she passes through the veil. I don't think Nanny has any plans to visit me from the spirit realm. She's too excited about getting to the "other" folks!

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