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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Staying out of the Freezer

My aunt Kat lives with her sister, who is my mom’s twin, Dot. Kat was fast approaching the eight month since being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In hospice care at home, she was not feeling well the day her mom’s (my grandmother, whom we call Nanny) 94th birthday came around. Nanny lives with my mom and dad about 20 minutes from Dot and Kat.

My mom and Dot had a lot of work to do in preparation for Nanny’s birthday party. Food had to be cooked, my mom’s house had to be cleaned, and decorations had to be installed before the 50-plus guests arrived. Kat was too weak to drive, so she would have to ride with Dot a few hours ahead of party time so Dot could help my mom get everything ready.

Kat wanted to stay home because she didn’t feel like joining in the festivities, but Dot wouldn’t hear of it.

“I feel so bad, I could just die,” Kat told Dot.

“You can’t die today,” Dot said. “We’ve got too much to do! If you die today, we’ll have to put your body in the freezer until tomorrow!”

Kat went to the party. Upon arriving, my mom asked her, “How are you feeling today?”

“I’m just trying to stay out of the freezer.” Both sisters laughed.

Eleven months have passed since Kat received the news that she probably had six to nine months to live. Knowing that the disease will eventually take her life, she says every day is a miracle. I agree.

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