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Monday, February 22, 2010

Spirituality and Music In Palliative Care

Unlike hospice care which entails providing services to the terminally ill patients whose physicians have declared that they have only six months to live, palliative care does not postpone nor speed up death, it helps relieve pain and symptoms by offering support which the client needs to live actively and functionally.

Part 1 - Spirituality and Music in Palliative care.

Palliative care may also involve other professional disciplines to ensure that the patient receives all the necessary services. In this article, I will review and explore the perceptions of nurses and patients on spirituality and music in palliative care.

Spirituality and Palliative Care.

Spirituality in general has been shown to contribute to patients' comfort at the end of life and has been identified as one of the key concerns of dying patients who need support. Spirituality does not necessarily mean that one's beliefs are religious based, it is therefore unique in everyone and may be explored and assessed in one's own values, beliefs, relationships, attitudes, practices, their hopes, fears, meaning and purpose in life as reported by Kernoham, Waldron, McAfee, Cochrane, & Hasson (2007).

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