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Friday, October 14, 2011

Being Watched by a Ghost

The veil was thin that November day in 2010 when I was keeping my grandsons at their home. My son and his wife were away for a week celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Within a matter of hours of being the only adult in the house, I began sensing an ominous presence—especially whenever I was in the bedroom and or bathroom. It was eerie and I felt like I was being watched. I intuitively knew that the spirit was my daughter-in-law’s father. Perhaps “sperm donor” is a more fitting term for him. She never knew the man because he abandoned her family when she was about a year old. Since this was not my home and I didn’t know if my daughter-in-law wanted her father around in order to resolve some issue she might have with him, I set a boundary that would not allow his spirit to come near me, my grandsons, or their property as long as I was there. I let my daughter-in-law know about this when she returned and she immediately decided to maintain the boundary I had set.

There are times when a spirit has a personal message for me or another person. If I can deliver the message without causing discomfort to myself, I will try to do so. The veil was thin that November day before Amanda and my son returned home, Amanda’s mother, Kendra (“Nanna K” as her grandchildren called her), dropped by in spirit. I knew and loved Kendra and didn’t even have to ask who the spirit was. There was a lightness, warmth, and sense of love surrounding me as I heard her say, “I’m just dropping by to check on my babies. It’s good to see you here. Thank you for all you do for Amanda and the boys.” I related this message to Amanda, who received the news with tears of joy. Those are the times when I am glad I can consciously interact with spirits.


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