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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is it Painful to Die?

By Valerie Olmsted

Most people are afraid of dying; not of the actual experience of death, but rather of the anticipated pain. Having had six NDE's (Near Death Experiences) myself, only one of which was in the dying body, I can shed a little light on the subject. There does not have to be pain; the pain usually comes when your Spirit comes back to the body, not when it is leaving.

The first NDE I experienced was as a toddler, when I fell off my parents' boat. I sank to the bottom of the muddy river three times before they finally were able to grab me and haul me out. There was no fear, no pain, and I found it fascinating. There was also no water in my lungs; explain that one.

The next few NDE's happened at the beginning of an accident. When the house was about to blow up, I found myself out of body, floating out in the cosmos, talking with Jesus Christ and a Council of wise ones. In the life review, I discovered that what I came to this life for had been accomplished back in my toddler years. I was given the choice of coming back to Earth or staying in Heaven. I chose to come back, to help. They showed me how difficult life on Earth would become.

When my Spirit came back into my body, I was able to stop the explosion that was about to happen, saving not only my life, but the lives of three housemates and four dogs. They just didn't appreciate the gesture when they woke up to find all the windows and doors open so the gas could air out (it was about 20 degrees in there; one guy froze his butt to the toilet seat).

The next one came during a bout with peritonitis that put me into the hospital. Two angels showed up, dragged my Spirit out of my body, raced me through the cosmos to an electrified grid, dragged me through, then slam-dunked me back into my body...and I was healed.

The whole NDE thing was getting to be 'old-hat' familiar to me. When my car was locked in a skid straight for the edge of an icy cliff, I called out to Father to pull me out of the body before we hit bottom, so I wouldn't have to feel any pain. THAT was a truly incredible experience, which included the car being pushed away from the edge at the last minute, into a snow bank on the opposite side of the road.

The next NDE happened when I was poisoned by carbon monoxide over three months. The last night, I stopped breathing at least three times. As I entered the darkness of the tunnel-where one's energy/Spirit is pulling entirely out of the body-I thought "Not my Will, but Thine be done, Father". Suddenly I was snapped back into the body. Dang.

Most notable about my NDE's is that not all of them involved the death of the body. The death would have occurred, if I had chosen to leave, but since my decision was to stay, the accident didn't continue. None of those NDE's were due to the so-called scientific explanation of the 'last gasp of the dying brain'. In fact, the extensive research into NDE's done by Dr. Jeffrey Long shows that NDE's cannot be explained by any physical means, nor are they controlled by the brain.

Metaphysicians can tell you that our Consciousness comes from the Mental Plane, which does not exist in the body. Quantum Physicists say it's in the Non-Local Mind. I am less concerned with where it resides than I am with the fact that our Consciousness is taken out of the body before it can register pain. The only time one feels pain is if the death is slow and the Consciousness refuses to detach.

The moral of the story: let go. Of course, if you choose to come back, that can be painful, as you would have to deal with whatever happened to the body. Oh, and suicides...not a good idea. If a suicide survives there is often so much trauma to the body that life becomes even more difficult. Succeeding in killing the body would not be so great either, as many times suicides wander in the darkness, alone, for quite some time.

Live your life-fully-and be grateful. Live without regrets; that makes the leaving so much easier. Truly, "Let not thy Heart be troubled".

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