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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Do Ghosts Want from Us?

As you start to clear your field and remove layers of unresolved karma under the blankets of your emotional disguise, you may find that some entities are actually asking for your help to cross into the light. If ghosts are finding you, and you are willing to help them cross over, either call upon Archangels Michael and Chamuel or send the ghosts to the nearest morgue or funeral home. They can go into the light with others who are crossing over. More than one soul at a time can use the tunnel of light created for the newly departed.
In When Ghosts Speak, Mary Ann Winkowski states that a portal of light is opened whenever someone dies and this window of opportunity remains open for a short while during which a soul can make a choice to go into the light or stay in the earth plane. Some wait too long to decide and therefore miss their chance to go into the light. Thus, they become earth bound.
Here are some of the reasons why some souls do not cross over when they first leave the body is because:

  1.         They are attached to things such as jewelry, cars, houses, furniture, or places where they lived found comfort, or died
  2.          They are busybodies who don’t want to leave
  3.        They are seeking revenge or pursuing justice
  4.         They fear judgment or punishment on the other side
  5.          They want to protect the living
Mary Ann Winkowski is the consultant for the creators of the CBS show, The Ghost Whisperer, in which Jennifer Love Hewitt stars. The first time I saw this show, I cried for joy because finally someone had an explanation as to why souls were coming to me. I sensed they wanted help, but I didn’t know what to do for them. Even though I had sensed the presence of spirits all my life, I had no idea that I was a “ghost whisperer” (a.k.a. medium) as well as an empath. No wonder my life was so crazy while I was ignorant of these very important facts. Knowledge is power. As I learned to follow my own heart and develop spiritual intelligence, I began setting boundaries with these disembodied souls. I started calling upon angels, archangels, and my own spirit guides whenever a soul came to me for help. Archangels Michael and Chamuel can help these lost souls find a place of peace in the afterlife. At first, I visualized the soul leaving, but once I knew my effort was working, I relaxed and enjoyed my new-found privacy with the assurance that my “guidance team” was taking care of things.
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