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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is Not a Coincidence – Part 2

Today we continue with our Wednesday series of informative articles created from my podcast interview with Sheryl Glick, the author of Life is Not a Coincidence, a book that tells about the numerous times and ways Sheryl’s loved ones have communicated with her. Here is another one of those instances. You may listen to the entire interview at

Yvonne: We still have consciousness in the afterlife, which is evident because of the signs we get from those on the other side of this veil. Talk about some of the signs that your deceased loved ones gave you with the birthdays. I know the number seven and eleven have real significance to you.

Sheryl: My mom passed on 11/7. She was born on the eleventh and she passed on 11/7. Numbers have great meaning for our destiny. The day we’re born and the day we die has great meaning. These things are not random.

My mother had promised me that she would get a message to me from the other side. Actually, she didn’t have much of an understanding of an afterlife but I was starting to believe in it and I said to her, “If anyone can get a message through to me it would be you” She had a very strong will. She was very curious about life and people. I said to her “Mom, what would be the message that you send me?” She said, “I will send three doves.”

I have received the three doves many times but aside from that whenever I see the numbers eleven seven, I feel her presence. There are other numbers that are so indigenous to her that I recognize some of the spirits who are around me. As an empath and medium, I feel the shifts in energy and I know when ghosts are around. It’s very comforting actually. It’s never frightening to me as it might be to some other people because I know they come to help us, to learn from us, or to assist us in fulfilling our destiny and life plan. If I ever were to feel an energy that was uncomfortable I would just disperse it: “One, two, three; you’re not welcome.” But I rarely have any negative energy because I only give out positive energy and deal with higher vibrational beings and loved ones for the purpose of living this life more joyously. Knowing who we are dispels fear and we can enjoy our life more.

Yvonne: Absolutely. Sheryl, you mentioned that your mom gave you the sign of the three doves and that you’ve seen that countless times since then, affirming that she truly is with you. I had a similar situation. I had an aunt who died about two and a half years ago. Before she passed we were sitting together watching The Ghost Whisperer, that CBS show with Jennifer Love Hewitt starring as Melinda Gordon. In this episode ghosts were pulling everything out of the china cabinet and tossing dishes across the room and breaking stuff. I turned to my Aunt Kathryn and said, “You’d better not do that when you’re gone; you better not play jokes on me like that.” She laughed! We agreed then that we would have a sign that would be an indication that she was trying to communicate with me. We picked something that is not seen every day. It’s not something that we could miss or wonder if it was really her. We picked a cameo. Now you don’t see a lot of cameos these days. That was something in the 1800s when a lot of women wore a cameo choker, necklace, or pendant of some sort. I know why we chose it. She lived in a house on Cameo Court when I was a teenager and I loved to visit her there. So we chose the cameo or silhouette to be her sign. Kat was a smoker and she died of lung cancer. After she passed I smelled cigarette smoke in my house periodically throughout one day. Nobody had been in our house with a cigarette. Neither my husband nor I smoke. I immediately thought of my aunt.

Sheryl: Psychic smells are another way that mediums and empaths are able to give information to their clients from relatives who are trying to make themselves known. You just know from certain experiences who it is!

Yvonne: I did! A few hours later my husband came home and he also smelled cigarette smoke. Now that’s was really crazy because but he didn’t spend a lot of time with her like I did growing up. So the next day, I went on Facebook and there was this woman who had sent me a little link to her website and guess what she was selling? CAMEOS! She was selling antique collectable cameos and wanted me to take a look. That was more than coincidence. That didn’t just happen randomly. It was comforting to me for my aunt to give me that sign. It was near her birthday so I thought she was checking in. I told her happy birthday and wished her well in the afterlife and sent her love and light. Then we didn’t smell the cigarette smoke again until almost the anniversary date of her death in November.

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