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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spiritual Awakening Now In Your Lifetime

By Adonis Alexander

Does spiritual awakening seem impossible? Have you ever wondered? Perhaps, at one time in your life you gave it some thought, but did not pursue it. Maybe, you gave up thinking spiritual awakening is something only a few can do. If possible at all.

Actually, you can discover God now. There is no reason why you should wait for the end of your life for an idea that may not be true. All the major religions of the world have made such promises to you. This cannot be substantiated until you are dead and gone. How clever.

So, in the meantime, they deceive and deprive you. You have no means of knowing if what they say is true. Therefore, their illusion continues because of your lack of understanding.

Why not awaken to spiritual understanding in this lifetime? Spiritual awakening is about you discovering life beyond this mortal life, here and now.

There is no need to accept what another proclaims. It is up to you to find out if there is eternal life. While you are alive, discover this truth within you.

Spiritual awakening is to realize you may see within yourself rather or not there is that which is called God, Truth, or Allah. In fact, that has no name so it really does not matter what name you use.

If you are serious about awakening, it is really quite simple. To listen and observe the working of your own mind holds the key. And, when you least expect it, there is this spiritual meditation that comes alive in you.

You cannot force it to come at all. Simply open the door of your heart and it is there. This spiritual silence is the doorway that is opened to all of us.

Through spiritual meditation, which is beyond the mind, you may awaken to the divine spirit, which is immortality.

This spirituality within you is pure intelligence. You have the power to transform the whole of humanity through your consciousness. Not in theory, but as an actuality.

In fact, none of the religions is interested in changing man. That is their illusion. To transform man in the true sense of the word is not in their best interest.

Actually, through spiritual awakening, you discover divine wisdom beyond all the religions. This intelligence transcends knowledge, which awakens within you. It is a total transformation of your perception. A complete change altogether.

Then perhaps, you will see the beauty of life beyond this existence. A life that is not an escape or dream. This reality is beyond the limitations of the mind and all its imaginations.

In fact, spirituality is to have the insight to see with complete clarity. Perhaps, you may watch the wonder of a stunning sunset across the immense waters of the ocean. As the last glimmer of sunlight fades away, it moves you so intensely, you can feel the beauty of it taking place within you.

Spiritual awakening is the light of blissful living. This awakening within is beyond beliefs, faiths and philosophies. It is the realization of being in love with an inexpressible joy beyond this existence.

Ultimately, it is the art of discovering what you are in truth. Now you may go beyond the idea of belonging to any religion or philosophy. To awaken spiritually is to realize the truth that transcends this mortal life. So, it is up to you to bring about this new life within yourself.

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