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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clearing Entities and Earthbound Spirits

Disincarnate spirits (“deceased” human beings) can exert a subtle or direct influence—both good and bad—upon humans. They may influence us without our awareness by offering inspiration that we express through writing, speaking, and other creative or artistic ventures. Or they may tempt us to do something harmful to a living creature or distract us from doing something that we know is in our best interest.

It is easy to distinguish between more evolved and less advanced spirits. The language of more evolved spirits is honorable and free of bias; these may be our spirit guides. Lesser evolved spirits may use harsh language and urge us to react to situations through our ego rather than responding through the mind/heart of God-Goddess. The ego believes in the need to suffer, feel guilty, judge self and others, and do whatever it takes to defend its position.  There are more humans inhabiting the planet than ever. That means there are a higher number of entities on the Earth plane as well. Author Ethan Vorly shares that entities are the unresolved karma or crystallization that was housed in the astral body of someone who has died and was not cremated. We know that fire and smoke are purifying agents, and this is probably why many ancient cultures performed last rites for a departing soul and burned the physical body on a funeral pyre. This is said to dismantle the astral body and transmute its negative karma. If this is true, then it certainly explains why we have seen such a huge increase in violence, depression, and suicide since embalming and burial became the preferred method of disposing of a physical body upon death.  The energetic pattern that was attached to the astral body of a human host during an incarnation is shed like a snake skin when that host dies. As the soul ascends into higher planes and crosses into the light, the astral body is left behind to roam the Earth plane where it seeks a new host with a similar frequency. During the ascension, people are suddenly becoming more able to see, feel, hear, sense, and even smell the presence of earth-bound spirits. I’ve dealt with earthbound spirits on many occasions. Jesus confronted them as well; if someone asked Him to remove the “demon” (as they were called in the Bible), He obliged.  Earthbound spirits feed off the energy of humans in order to remain active. They target humans who have similar fixations as their own. It might be someone with a drug or alcohol abuse problem, someone with emotional distress in their life, trauma, abuse, or someone who is simply ungrounded or not fully participating in their own spiritual development. So when an earthbound spirit finds a human in a state of despair, having weak or no boundaries, the earthbound spirit may attach itself to that person’s electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body and is sometimes referred to as the aura. Not only does the entity start siphoning energy from the host, the negative energy of the entity contaminates the aura, causing the human host to feel out of sorts, have dysfunctional thoughts, feel physically sick, experience rampant emotions, or have cravings that are not their own. The videos at explain the Spiritist view of entities. You may find them interesting and informative.  The best way to keep entities away is to raise your personal vibration through spiritual purification practices. Keeping your thoughts pure requires a constant effort, but as you vibrate at a purer level, these entities are less apt to bother you. It also helps to keep your aura close to your body and remove any negative or stuck energy so that these entities are no longer attracted to you. Keep focusing on the light within you, using affirmations, mantras, and clearing exercises such as smudging with sage. If things are really bad or an entity has been attached to your home or auric field for some time, you might want to use the alcohol and Epsom salt recipe mentioned in my book about personal ascension.  As you start to clear your field and remove layers of unresolved karma (anything not aligned with the law of grace), things can seem worse rather than better for a short while. I urge you to persevere and not quit in the process. For example, once you have cleared (or while clearing) a negative mental pattern, you may expose a dark entity, which was feeding on the energy surrounding a misaligned thought pattern. The issue brought to the light removed the entity’s energy source, which can feel unsettling for the host and the entity. Since at some time in your past you gave the entity permission (most likely you were unaware of doing so) to stay and influence you, you are the one who needs to dismiss it from its duties and help it move on.  Dr. Caron Goode says that when she did past life regression, hypnosis, and light-trance sessions, she always asked the client, “Why did you create or attract this entity?” Rather than trying to “drive out demons” you may simply need to thank the entity for the purpose it served and send it into the light. However, to get an entity to go into the light, it must first realize that there is a light to go into and that it will be a pleasant experience—many do not want to go there for fear of punishment.  Remember, earthbound souls are former humans now without bodies. The reason souls become earthbound is due to their emotional problems, and just like humans in a body, they need healing. Remain non-resistant by offering compassion to these lost souls. They need the same love and light we do. They don’t respond well to techniques that attempt to remove them by force. In fact, this can make things worse because even if the entity leaves, it may only be temporary, and when it returns it may be angry and seeking revenge.  The reason many clearings fail is because the person doing the clearing does not open the entity to its deeper subconscious feelings. Entities need to recognize and heal their deeper emotional scars. Free them from their misery by helping them see the role they are playing in the lives of embodied souls. Ethan Vorly writes: “Once the entity feels these deeper underlying emotions, it automatically allows the light in, which quickly transforms it. They are always sorry for what they have done and become loving beings as they are absorbed into the light where they are freed from all pain. It is truly beautiful to witness.” Once the entity is ready to move on, you can use the Entity Release Prayer in my book to send it on its merry way.  Yvonne Perry is the author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience (, a book about personal ascension. She holds a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and provides personal coaching for spiritual seekers. The host of We Are One in Spirit Podcast, she enjoys speaking about a wide variety of topics to help people realize their own creative power.
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