More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife covers many aspects of the dying and grieving process and sheds light on euthanasia, suicide, near-death experience, and spirit visits after the passing of a loved one. ___________________________________________

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Loved One is Dying and I Feel Guilty About Euthanasia

You are not alone! Yvonne's compassionate views about euthanasia come from her first-hand experience when her uncle was kept alive by machines for almost a year while his doctors allowed his wife to cling to false hope about his ability to survive. His doctors knew he was dying, but would not take action to free him from his suffering. Her uncle's spirit came to her while he was in coma asking her to help his wife understand that he wanted to be released from his body despite what his living will stated. What a relief it was for her and her uncle when his body was unplugged from life support and his spirit was finally freed to soar.

Doctors are not typically trained in medical school to deal with the spiritual side of dying and therefore many of them do not have the ability to address end-of-life decisions with families. Many have no idea how to comfort or prepare a patient or his/her family when the soul is transitioning to the Afterlife. More Than Meets the Eye includes a commentary by Dr. Aaron Milstone, Director for the Lung Transplant Department of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, to bring comforting light to issues such as euthanasia, end of life decisions and other topics we don't normally talk openly about. Dr. Milstone's unique and intuitive method of helping families cope with the impending death of their loved one is shared in this book and will be of great assistance to any doctor or hospice care worker who deals with a high patient mortality rate.

Many families face similar situations, and this book can be a tremendous encouragement to them.


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