More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife covers many aspects of the dying and grieving process and sheds light on euthanasia, suicide, near-death experience, and spirit visits after the passing of a loved one. ___________________________________________

Monday, October 13, 2008

Testimonials for Book on Death, Dying, and Afterlife

Considering the subject of your book and the wonderful things you have many people hope and a new perspective on their own belief system....I'm seeing for you ...wearing the "White Collar" , so to speak. Yes, people are going to want to talk to you about things they haven't been able to discuss with anyone! — A.K.

Your book makes it clear that you know how to provide that comfort and to help people not be afraid for loved ones who have passed. —A.G.

Have started reading your book--loving it. Yours is the next step after Betty Jean Eadie's "Embraced by the Light." The world is ready for your book, now. —J. M.

Oh My God, THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!!!!! I received your book yesterday and have not been able to put it down. I got to the part about suicide and "walk-ins". I have never heard about that before. However, something recently happened to me and I thought that I was going crazing or having a breakdown. Now I understand clearly what happened. Thanks for writing such a great book. I will post my 10 star review on Amazon today. —DT

I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your book will be a tremendous success and will be a transition handbook that everyone will want to own. I have always been fascinated with NDE's and as an avid reader can't get enough of it. — L.T.

I just finished reading MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. My original intention was to read a few pages tonight. However, I couldn't stop. My father passed last June and I had a NDE several years ago. Thank you for writing your book and sharing. —GH

Finished reading your book yesterday! Enjoyed it very much – I feel that I’m beginning to understand a lot more now. Thanks so much! —M. P.

It was nice to talk with you at the meeting on Monday. I am fascinated with your book. —M. L.
I just now finished listening to your program! …it was wonderful -- even made me cry! Of course, this stuff is so close to my heart and it means so much to me that more and more material is getting out there for people to see/hear. —J.N.

Thanks for sending More Than Meets the Eye. I received it yesterday and finished reading your work this morning. Interesting book. As one who had a NDE as a teenager and other spiritual happenings, later in life, many of the experiences you write about were similar to my own, which gives me great comfort knowing I am not alone in these experiences. —C.B.


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