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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Story Told about Woman's Near-death Experience

In our modern age of medical technology many people, who would have died, have literally been brought back from the brink of death. Some have been revived even with no pulse or heartbeat. Some were pronounced dead for hours. In years past, people were discouraged from talking about such phenomenon and those who did were considered crazy or mentally ill. Some even ended up in institutions where they were given shock treatments. But, times are changing.

With the spiritual awakening that has occurred in our society in the past couple of decades, it seems to be more commonplace to talk about near-death experiences. The subject of NDEs has always been met with controversy, but they are not a new “trend” as some might suppose. Jackie Marten, a woman who is now 88 years old, shares an experience that occurred in 1952:

When my youngest son was six I had a spell that nearly killed me. The doctor told my family that if I lived until morning I might have a chance to make it. He said that there were only two cases in Georgia of this condition and the other woman did not survive. During the night I had what I thought was a dream. The angels lifted me from my body and took me out of the house and laid me down in a sandy spot in my front yard. Two white doves came and stayed with me all night. They were talking to me in a language I couldn’t understand. I could hear voices far away, and I saw a crowd of people wearing white robes who all looked the same. Without using words I asked the doves, “Where is my white robe?”

One dove told me that I couldn’t have mine yet. “You have to wait a while,” he said, “You need to go back and finish raising your children.” I was disappointed. I didn’t want to go back. I wanted to join the people with the white robes. I came back but I had no desire to be here and didn’t want to live. It took a while for me to adjust to being here again. I knew there was a better place waiting for me on the other side. An experience like that never leaves you, and I have never been afraid of dying since then.

As with Jackie, many people who have near death experiences say that they did not want to come back. Many spoke telepathically with heavenly guides and understood that their journey on earth was not finished—that they had work left to do for the growth of their own soul and for other people. So they came back willingly, though often reluctantly. During a close brush with death people report seeing angels, former pets and deceased loved ones. Many times near-death experiencers return with their lifelong beliefs and their outlook on life radically changed.

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