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Monday, October 20, 2008

Near-death Experience Brings Book of Revelation to Light

Many children who are too young to know the difference between earth reality and other dimensions also report having out-of-body and near-death experiences. Many well-meaning parents who are afraid of the paranormal may discourage or even punish their children for speaking of such things. Some children who have had an NDE end up with IQs that exceed 180! Medical science, which attempts to separate the physical body from its spiritual counterpart, tends to rationalize and invalidate these experiences. However, those who have had a near brush with death, come back with a better understanding or appreciation of life.

The consistent message of NDE accounts is that God loves us unconditionally. Many report life-changing and long-lasting effects from their encounter with this unconditional love—some seem to exude or embody this love. Some NDEs are not pleasant or comforting. Some are downright frightening and negative. However, each person’s brush with death is unique and includes what they were ready to see and hear. By coming back to us, they become great teachers who want to share what they have learned.

Researchers are finding that supernatural knowledge may be obtained through near-death experiences. Before his NDE in 1995 Mark Wray had little knowledge or background in physics or science; however, when he returned from the brink of death he possessed incredible knowledge about the law of octaves, plasma technology, the structure of harmonics, the table of elements, thermal technology, the string theory and other scientific/mathematical theories that are now being released and discussed by physicists and quantum mathematicians in scientific forums. 

During his encounter he was taken on a guided tour to the sixth dimension—the outer edge or threshold of the veil of creation. There he was shown how the acceleration of the frequency of tones becomes viewable as a color of light on a quantum octave level. If the frequency continues to accelerate beyond the cosmic ray, there exists a vibratory rate that is known as human thought. Mark’s theory brings a new understanding of the New Testament book of Revelation. The book is not a prophecy of gloom and doom that many religions have made it out to be. The revelation has to do with quantum physics, the chakra system, the twelve steps in the chromatic scale and 144,000 tones or colors and the acceleration of consciousness in crystalline form.

During his NDE, Mark was given a choice. He could stay in the sixth dimension and continue his soul’s evolution or he could come back to earth and help others with the knowledge he had obtained. No matter what his choice, he would be loved unconditionally. There would be no condemnation or judgment if he decided to stay. Mark did NOT want to return to the body, but he felt that the greatest good of humanity could be served if he did. He made his choice and is still looking for ways to share, explain and incorporate the supernatural knowledge he gained. The first seven years back were hell for Mark and changed him forever. The way he understood relationships after the event completely changed his family dynamics. His wife no longer recognized him as the man she had married. Mark wanted to move forward spiritually, but his wife wanted him to be the same person he was before the experience. This incompatibility resulted in divorce. Mark says that humans make things unnecessarily complicated. He is learning to keep life simple by not resisting the experiences that come his way, but rather to just go with the flow. He reminds himself constantly that he must be patient and allow individuals to each find their own path back to Source.

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Toward The Light said...

'Many children who are too young to know the difference between earth reality and other dimensions also report having out-of-body and near-death experiences.'

Oh, this is me in a nutshell! That's why I have trouble describing my childhood NDEs ... because I was constantly toggling between dimensions/planes. I'm SO pleased that all this material is getting out there! YES!!!

Now, I've created on on-line community for NDErs and other interested individuals, Light On The Water that anyone in earnest is more than welcome to join - no charge!

In the Light,

Rev. Juliet Nightingale
Toward The Light