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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fear of Pain in Dying Process

When I faced emergency gall bladder surgery in 1989, I was more afraid of having to endure the suffering associated with recovery from such a horrendous surgery. Laser surgery was just becoming available, but it was not an option in my case because a gallstone was lodged in the bile duct and my gall bladder was so full that it had begun to perforate. There was too much of a risk that bile would leak into my abdominal cavity, so an eight-inch incision was made to remove my gall bladder and unblock my bile duct.

Even as I was suffering with severe pain prior to being taken into surgery, I was not concerned at all about dying. Honestly, I was quite angry when I awoke and found that I had survived! I hated the pain I felt then, and I detest suffering still. After witnessing my grandmother's plight these past months, I especially want to avoid pain in the dying process when my time comes.

I have signed a living will stating that I so not want to be placed on life support and forced to endure needless suffering should I become unable to live with any quality of life. While it doesn’t eliminate the possibility that I will suffer on my deathbed, I think this is a good way to assure that I will not to be kept alive by machines if I should end up in a persistent vegetated state. I don't think it is fair to a family to have to make a decision like the one Terri Schiavo's family faced.

If you would like to create your own living will, here's a free PDF of an advanced directive that you can download, print, fill in your information, sign your copy, and have it witnessed.

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