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Thursday, October 22, 2009


by Debbie Summers

I wandered down a lonely shore
my feet upon the marshy sand
A sense that I'd been here before
with you, as we walked hand in hand...
Wind at my face, my cheek on yours, then I leaned in for your embrace.
I heard the waves, in symphony, a rush of force that kept apace
with my heart's beat,
The roll then lull, repeat again, in concert with the steady rise
of veneration I saw in your eyes.
Face to face we listened as the sea saw fit
to dance around our feet
and root us to the spot, before she called retreat.

I walked some more along the shore
Alone yet filled with memories...
of time unknown in days of yore
When you were here alongside me...
Your voice a song all of its own, your words the lyrics, tune replete,
that wrapped itself around my heart,
I heard the music loud and clear, surrendering in sweet defeat...
Two sets of footprints down the beach, as far down as the shore did reach.
We were together all our lives, through happiness and bitter strife.

My eyes are closed as I recall it all
along with waves that crash and fall
Your touch, your scent,
your feet upon this firmament.
And then they open and you're gone
And once again I am alone.
I turn and watch the rolling sea, claim my mark upon the land
One set of footprints in the sand
Here then gone along with the notes of your song.

I wander once again, in search of you, in every face I see
Who will you in this lifetime be?
I do not know...

All I can tell is that I loved you so...


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