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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Topics of psychology regarding death and dying

The following comes from my handwritten notes from an online sociology class I am taking via Chemeketa Community College. The text book for this class is Death Dying, & Bereavement by Michael Leming and George Dickinson.

1. Sociology looks at how individuals and society interact with one another and how we agree upon accepted and shared meaning and attitudes toward death and dying. This includes the loss of relationships due to death, how one person’s death affects an entire society, how society influences the meaning of death, how the meaning of death is agreed upon by a group of people, and how we respond and react to one another when the death and dying process is brought near and personal.

I found comfort in the text that mentioned the audience of dying person shifting from the living to the supernatural. My own grandmother is a case in point. She has been speaking to deceased relatives more and more as she approaches her final days. Her husband, my grandfather, did the same thing when he was transitioning in 1988. So did my uncle in 2001. Some will say this is drug-induced but according to Death Dying, & Bereavement by Leming and Dickinson, it is common for those who are departing the earth realm to talk to the unseen or deceased loved ones. I believe my grandmother actually sees and hears in the spirit realm. She has ever since she had a near-death experience in the 1950s.

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