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Saturday, October 31, 2009

How Do Mediums Help Lost Souls?

Someone asked me a question this week: "Why do you think some people have spirits come to them all the time--even people they don't know--and others never have such an experience. And if I want to have an interaction, whether with my Mom again or someone else, do we have any ability to make that happen, or do we have to just wait for it to happen to us (if it ever does)?

Here's my answer:

Everyone has some spiritual gift or psychic ability. Some people develop their gifts by practicing--like those who give aura readings or do energy work or Reiki.

Those who have multiple unrelated spirits come to them are probably mediums or gatekeepers between the spirit realm and our world of form. I have finally accepted that I am a medium. It took years for me to claim that title, but I guess it fits.

At one time I had so many disembodied souls coming to me to help them cross over or go to the light, I was being awakened at all hours with plasma/essence hovering over my bed. Things were moving around in the house. I saw streaks of light flash thorough my hallway where there is no window. It got to be such a bother that I asked my guides what I could do to curb the conscious activity and still help these souls.

I was lead to a deck of archangel cards by Doreen Virtue. I did an angel card reading with this deck and having my situation in mind. The cards I drew had information about Michael and Chamuel. I intuitively knew that those were the two who could help me with this situation.

I began to ask them every time I meditated to stay near me and help those earth-bound spirits or "lost" souls find their way home. FYI-- I refer to the lost as those who can't find their way to a peaceful afterlife experience. It has nothing to do with salvation as some religions teach. Since it is my spirit or higher self working with these souls, I asked the archangels to allow me to help these souls without me having to be consciously aware of the work I'm doing. Well, it worked. I immediately stopped having these uninvited visitors.

Oh, I also asked the archangels to allow my loved ones or spirit guides to have access to me in the conscious realm. I didn't want to turn away a loved one in need. I also ask these two archangels to assess each soul's need and if there is something I need to do physically (such as say a prayer or light a candle) to help them, I am to be notified so I may consciously participate. Such was the case when someone is dying and needs help leaving their body.

Mediums are gatekeepers and the door swings both ways. I don't just help souls exit; I've also been called upon to help bring souls into bodies on the earth plane.

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Holistic Healer said...

Hi and thanks for your post. I have come to the conclusion that although I am not a medium I am somebody that attracts lost souls. At first I thought they were demons because I had the same experience as you, being woken up with very strange energies around me. Then I found out that if I asked Jesus to send his angels to help these lost souls that they they energies would release their grasp on me.
Your blog is quite old and I'm surprised nobody else found it and left a comment. I imagine that many many people are having similar experiences and are being called to do soul rescure. What do you think?

Yvonne Perry said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree that many people are being called to do soul rescue to help the Earth move into a more pure level of consciousness. I plan to make a presentation as part of Emapths Shifting into 2012: Helping Energy-sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth. See for more information.