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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spiritual Experiences

CeliaSue Hecht sent me an email about her experience with deceased loved ones. She gave me permission to share it with you, and I think you will find it interesting.

As a skeptical New Yorker, I thought the paranormal and spiritual (New Age, metaphysical), whatever your term/words are was a bunch of hooey... That is, until I started having experiences firsthand... Next thing you know, I was teaching and leading personal growth transformational seminars and workshops in Europe and California, land of the woo-woo, right....

Well, it took another few years and then I started having flashbacks (Shirley MacClaine) past life, reincarnation type experiences ... oh boy...

Then my father came through to me in a very vivid dream, during my divorce in 1996, it was a visitation, and I started having all kinds of woo-woo experiences and started doing psychic readings for others. As my gifts grew, the folks from the other side started talking to me, in dreams, in words, in visions, and even through music.

A recent experience: I was driving into Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park. It was a beautiful warm sunny summer day. A song came onto the radio. And there were wildflowers everywhere, gorgeous colors. The song reminded me of an old boyfriend who had always wanted to show me wildflowers. And I wept because I knew this was his way of letting me know he was still around. (I found out last year that he had passed).

Another time, I was doing a writing class with an older woman. She kept talking about everything BUT writing, and any time I could get a word in to change the subject, she interrupted and kept up her monologue. At some point, I saw this young man, brown hair, in his 20's, who told me that he was her son and he had passed from AIDS. He was cracking jokes and finally, I asked her to verify what I was seeing and hearing. You would think that would have gotten her attention, but no, she kept right on. And she confirmed everything he told me about his name, and his dog. I spent the rest of the time listening to her and to him making me laugh. So you just never know who will come through and what they will say.

The first time I am aware of a loved one that I did not know in this life who came through and talked to me for awhile, was my grandmother who I was named after but she had died before I was born. Her name was Celia. She and I chatted while I was watching John Edward for the first time. I did not know who he was then. Funny that he, James van Praagh and I all come from the same vicinity, Queens, NYC.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Warning Signs Of Suicide:

Sometimes people do not exhibit signs that they are considering taking their own lives, but there are warning signs that have been noted when someone is thinking of committing suicide:

• Talk about suicide or death
• Withdrawal from family and friends
• Sudden behavioral changes
• Wanting to “tie up loose ends” or give away belongings
• Reckless behavior
• Withdrawal from regular activities
• Sudden change in sleeping patterns or eating habits

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bader Field: A Journey of Love, Forgiveness & Acceptance

Carl David's new book, Bader Field, embodies the emotional story of a son's loving relationship with his father - a legendary art dealer whose life is suddenly taken by a massive coronary at the young age of fifty-eight years. His death plunges the twenty-four-year old man onto the front lines of the family art business, which he had entered a mere three years prior. Battling with his own grief while trying to help his adoring but fragile mother survive, David forges forward with all of the elemental tools his father imparted to him. His journey proves a difficult one, not having yet recovered from the horrific loss of his brother to suicide just eight years earlier when he was found dead on the fourth floor of the Rittenhouse Square tonwhouse, which was home to the prestigious David David Gallery. His self-imposed obligation is to successfully take the family art business to the next generation and to give his own children every bit of love, kindness, and wisdom bestowed upon him by the unique man whom they will never know other than the mark he left on everyone who knew him.

Bader Field adds significant insight into the myseterious workings and dealings of the art world. David speaks from experience of having been immersed in it all of his life and having lived it from the inside out. There will be a tremendous crossover interest in this book as it combines the elements of an American family, it's goodness and its tragedy interfaced with the multifaceted aspects of the art business and flying small airplanes. Bader Field in Atlantic City was the oldest airfield in the country. With little sophistication, its two asphalt runways juggled single and twin engine aircraft and exuded a character and charm that created memories to last a lifetime. That is where this saga begins and where it ends as life comes full circle.

Listen to Carl David's Interview on Wellness Roadshow:

Carl David is the third generation of a four-generation family art business in Philadelphia. He is the author of Collecting & Care of Fine Art published by Crown in 1981. His article about Martha Walter, an American impressionist painter (1875-1976) was published in the American Art Review in May 1978.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life and Death Are Choices We Make

Life and death are not random events; they are choices we make at a soul level. Everything that happens is in Divine order and is assisted with Divine help.

As it is in heaven so it is on earth and vice-versa. Birth, death and rebirth are simply part of a cycle similar to the seasons of our earth. There are seasons of planting, growing, waiting, harvesting, fading and resurrection. Even the time of winter or dormancy is an active time; for without it decomposition could not occur. And what is decomposition except for one thing being transformed into another? Energy replaces energy whether we see it or not. Death may seem like a dormant season, but it is far from it.

Like the proverbial glass that is both half full and half empty, a soul is both here on earth and on the other side. There are many dimensions and facets of our soul yet to be discovered. Death and life show a work in progress—a work intended to help us return to Source.

Do not be afraid! If death is upon you, rebirth is on its way. There’s always a springtime to follow. We are just passing through this veil. There’s always more than meets the eye!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ways Our Deceased Loved Ones Communicate With Us

Our loved ones who have crossed over communicate with us in a variety of ways. They may bring a familiar smell, or leave coins, feathers or other objects in our path. They may appear as a bird, an animal or take human form. They may come to us in our dreams, or may be the voice we hear in our head.

No matter how you sense their presence you can be assured that you're not crazy! They really are near and they want to communicate.

Do you have ears to hear what the spirit is saying? Do you see More Than Meets the Eye?

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