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Monday, April 29, 2013

Afterlife Experiences - What Are They and Can They Be Believed? (Shocking But True!)

By Danny Fredricks

What is an afterlife experience? Are they credible? Believable? Or all a bunch of "Bull" that gullible people believe to make themselves feel better?

The truth is, there are a wide assortment of valid experiences that seem to STRONGLY suggest that there is an afterlife. Most of these experiences have very little to do with religious beliefs, or dogma, or what we were taught as children growing up.

For example?

NDS's, or near death experiences, have gained lots of popularity in the last 30 years, due to 2 very important developments:

1 - Advances in science are allowing more and more people to be "brought back" from the brink of death, especially in cases of cardiac arrest and patients who were previously clinically dead and NOT retrievable

2 - Huge public interest as a result of books like "Life after Life" and "Beyond and Back" has spawned an avalanche of publications on the near death experience... some very good and scientifically strong, and others, silly and hard to believe

Other afterlife experiences include psychic mediums, who are as popular today, and as believed credible, than at any other time in recent human history. (some say that belief in an afterlife is pushing 75% around the world, and that has gone UP even while belief in organized religion has gone down)

TV shows like "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer" and even the many ghost hunting programs have made the topic of psychics, and the afterlife VERY in vogue... that much we can all agree is true.

But are these experiences BELIEVABLE, or are they simply wishful thinking?

My own experiences prove to me that something very special, very hard to define and even life changing takes place during an afterlife event. People who have NDE'S, for example, are almost uniformly no longer afraid to die, and seem to change their entire lives as a result.

People who see, speak to or even interact with loved ones who have crossed over report similar changes - a loss of fear of death, grief relief, comfort and a firm belief that they will see their loved ones again... after this life is over.

The truth is, you have to sort of seek out answers for yourself, rather than read articles like this one, if you truly want to open yourself up to the magic, and the mystery of what may await us all. I am a believer... ONLY because I've had experiences that cannot be explained away... PERIOD. I've spoken to mediums by phone and in person who I am 100% convinced, by what they shared, were in communication with spirits or loved ones who are "with" me each and everyday.

I've had out of body experiences. I've had a few "ghostly" encounters as well..:-)
To me, the best examples of these cases suggest that we are MUCH more than a physical body, but rather we are ALL spiritual beings having a very embodied experience and our mission is to explore, to investigate and to ENJOY this life so that we may learn, grow and continue on in the next one! (The benefit of all of this is - I'm now NOT afraid to go... but I still look forward to lots of exciting years HERE as well. :-)

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eco-Friendly Funerals: Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

By Lee Power

People are choosing to live an eco-friendly or green life, so it comes as no surprise that they choose to have an eco-friendly or green funeral. An eco friendly funeral may be the deceased's choice or the bereaved family may take their own initiative. a green funeral ensures that the body decomposes naturally and completely and it becomes one with nature. This adheres to the adage "ashes to ashes and dust to dust". Some people may think of it as a new age fad, but in fact, it is returning to age-old practices that our ancestors practiced.

If you would like to plan an eco-friendly or green funeral, you will need to locate a funeral home that offers green funerals as part of their services. They may be specialists or a green funeral may be among the different services they offer. There are a number of green funeral homes in the country. They offer complete services as well as a burial in the woodlands. This would mean that no separate place is marked out as a cemetery. Instead, the body is buried in natural environment, with local trees and green vegetation around it.

An eco-friendly or green funeral turns out much less inexpensive when compared to the now traditional funerals. One of the first aspects of a green funeral is that the body is not embalmed. This ensures that no toxic chemicals used during the embalming process are let into the sewers. The next step is to choose an only wood or cardboard casket that will decompose completely with time. The eco-friendly caskets do not have any metal parts. Some families may also decide to bury the body without the casket, with only a shroud to cover the body. The next step would be to avoid a vault so that the casket and its contents decompose naturally with time.

A woodland burial is a complete eco-friendly or green funeral. In most incidents, a sapling is planted to mark the hand-dug grave that is slowly taken over by the natural vegetation around. You may opt for a simple headstone if you wish to.

If you're searching for a more eco-friendly method to arrange for the management of your remains after passing away, think about the following five alternatives:
  • Bios Urn: While using the remains of cremation and thus not actually eco-friendly, Bios Urns enable ashes to be combined with the pre-packed earth of a ready-to-plant tree or shrub seedling.
  • Alkaline hydrolysis: This procedure may seem a bit industrialized and consequently environmentally damaging, however, it is in reality probably the most environmentally-friendly answer to dealing with human remains to be developed. Quite simply a person's remains are immersed in a tank of chemical substances which break down tissue very quickly and change bone tissue into a floury compound.
  • Corpse-eating mushrooms: Fungus grows on rotting organic substance, making it a perfect solution as a way to naturally eliminate human is still.
  • Green burials: The conventional burial isn't necessarily harmful to the natural environment, it's only the additions we have created like complex embalming procedures and "secured" burial containers. By choosing a more naturally degradable casket and requiring that morticians stay away from embalming in favor of other possibilities, you may still have a "traditional" burial with out it becoming bad for the environment.
  • Donate to science: No matter if for use by a school of medicine or even for observation at a human body farm, giving one's body to scientific research isn't just environmentally friendly.
Living an eco-friendly life implies needing to take into account the environmental effects of how we deal with dying. If you are seriously interested in learning to be an eco-friendly person, then you should think about environmentally safer options to conventional methods of dealing with human remains by visiting Funeral Blues - a store dedicated to helping you choose!

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

What You Need to Know About Hospice Care

By A Aaronson Death and dying is a difficult topic to think about and talk about but one that cannot be avoided indefinitely. It is something that every person must be willing to discuss at some point in their life. You may have a family member who is not doing so well. His physician may be bringing up the subject of hospice but you may be reluctant to consider it. Perhaps you are not as clear about what this care is all about. Lifting the veil can help bring you peace of mind and can make it easier to make the right decision for the person you love.

Hospice is often thought to be a place, such as a hospital or a health center. But it is actually a service and not a place. This form of palliative care can be brought into the home of the ill person. It can be provided at a nursing home, assisted living facility or in a hospital setting.

Most people wish to stay in their own homes as long as they possibly can. Hospice care in this case can come right to the residence. But if the individual's condition worsens and/or their care becomes too difficult to manage and they must move elsewhere, short-term inpatient care can come to the new location.

Hospice provides your loved one with a variety of professional services. Routine nursing visits are available for your family member, as are after hours visits, if need be. What this means is that the nurse will visit as regularly as the person requires. She will make an assessment as to whether changes need to take place. She will also make arrangements for medication to be delivered to the person. If medical equipment and supplies are needed, she will arrange for that as well.

Emergency medications and oxygen will be sent to the home or nursing facility in order to be on hand in the event of a crisis. When you choose this type of care for your loved one, you can rest assured that the nurse(s) who will be working with your loved one, have every area covered.

As a concerned and loving member of the family, your role will be acknowledged by the nursing staff assigned to your ailing relative. You are sure to have questions about what is taking place. These services are designed to keep your loved one as comfortable as possible. The nurses will field any questions that you have. They will provide you with as much information as you need to better comprehend the situation and to understand the condition of the aging individual. They will also do their part to help you and your family to prepare for what is to come.

Help is never far away when you choose hospice care. Help will come to the residence of the individual. You do not have to take the person to the physician's office. If a problem arises on a weekend or on a holiday, help can be obtained by making a telephone call.

If you have a loved one in need of hospice grand rapids has excellent resources available. To learn more about these services come to
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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness

Have you had a strange experience and afterward felt like you were another person in your same body?

Are you having unusual body sensations that can’t be defined (or diagnosed) in medical terms?

Have you been receiving downloads that seem to have activated psychic or spiritual gifts?

Do you feel as though you have been visited by your higher or future self?

Have you found yourself speaking in a mysterious unknown language?

These are signs, which indicate that you are ascending in consciousness and accessing and/or merging with more evolved aspects of your soul. Your DNA is shifting to hold a higher octave of vibration within your physical body and this is building your light body. Would you like to learn more about what is happening and why? Would you like to share your experience with others who are going through this phenomenon?  Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness  Beginning with a Friday night fellowship on May 17, 2013, “Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness” will be held at the beautiful Hyatt Place Hotel (Airport) on Royal Parkway in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Saturday, May 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the speakers below will offer insight about integrating higher cosmic frequencies that come as a result of a soul exchange or soul merge/braid (also known as a walk-in). You will also have free time to fellowship with other walk-ins in attendance.

Walk-ins Among Us
May 17-18, 2013
Hyatt Place Hotel, Nashville, TN 37214

Reserve your space at the conference now!

This conference coincides with the release of Yvonne Perry’s new book, Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness.  

As our planetary system travels around the Milky Way Galaxy, the Earth aligns with other cosmic bodies that affect the magnetic pull on our planet. Within that evolutionary continuum, some humans experience a sudden transformation that awakens spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. In our current time of ascension, people are experiencing visitations, cohabitations, and even trading places with more evolved aspects of their soul in various dimensions. This embodiment of higher consciousness brings pathfinders, way-showers, lightworkers, and healers to our planet to help anchor the new paradigm of oneness and unity associated with the Divine Mother.  
Those who have experienced a life-transforming event will find help and comfort in this eye-opening book. Walk-ins Among Us is written by a walk-in to help others understand the soul exchange process and how to integrate higher vibrations that clear energy imprints not aligned with love, light, and joy. Through cosmic encoded activations, readers may receive downloads and learn how to stay centered and actively involved in their own ascension process as they discover their mission, purpose, and role on Earth.
Walk-ins Among Us
May 17-18, 2013
Hyatt Place Hotel, Nashville, TN 37214
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Virtual seats (with live chat room) are available for $39 per participant.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Helping Your Dog Cope With the Loss of a Canine Companion

By CS Swarens

If you had more than one dog and one passed away, it is important for you to realize that the dog left behind may go through a grieving process. Just as humans mourn the loss of an animal companion or a human loved one, there is a great deal of evidence showing that dogs go through a grieving process as well. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of this fact and to take the steps necessary to help your grieving pet get through the loss as best as possible.

Recognizing a Dog in Mourning

Recognizing that your dog is in mourning can sometimes be difficult. After all, they cannot talk to you and tell you how they are feeling. At the same time, a dog in mourning will typically exhibit some specific behaviors. Some of these behaviors may include:

o Lethargy
o Aloof behavior
o Loss of focus
o Disoriented behavior
o Lack of appetite
o Lack of interest in surroundings
o Disruption in sleep patterns
o Becoming "distant"
o Becoming overly clingy
o Excessive vocalization
o Being quieter than usual

If your dog was unable to see the deceased dog after it died, such as may be the case if you take the dog to the veterinarian to be euthanized and you choose not to bring it home, your dog may also wait anxiously for the other dog to return. In fact, it is not uncommon for dogs to go through separation anxiety when another canine companion dies.

Helping Your Mourning Dog with the Loss

If your dog is showing signs of grief after losing a canine companion, it is important for you to try to help it work through its grief. One way to do this is to provide the surviving dog with more affection and attention. Trying to engage your pet in an activity it enjoys will help take its mind off the loss, but be aware that some dogs in mourning will be resistant to playing. The key is to keep trying and to continue to provide your dog with attention. Most dogs in mourning will return to their normal activities in about two weeks, though some can take up to 6 months before they fully recover from the loss.

If your dog is expressing its grief in an undesirable way, such as howling or otherwise vocalizing excessively, you should use caution when giving it attention. If you provide your pet with attention or give it treats in order to stop the vocalization behavior, you will be  reinforcing the behavior and your pet may continue the behavior even after the grief has past. Therefore, it is important to provide your pet with the affection and attention it needs while it is engaging in appropriate behaviors. So long as the undesirable behavior is related to the grieving process and you do not reinforce it, the behavior should subside after your dog is done mourning.

If your dog seems to be severely depressed and is not moving through the mourning process at a good pace, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about giving your pet anxiety medication. Otherwise, remember that with time comes healing and, with the help of your love and affection, your pet will likely return to its normal self.
CS Swarens is the CEO of Find a Pet Online. 800 998-7065 For additional information on dogs, cats, birds, horses, and exotic pets visit the internet's resource for pet classifieds Research pet information with detailed profiles of over 430 pet breeds.
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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Can Mediums Talk to the Dead? The Astonishing Truth About After Death Communication (No Joke!)

By Danny Fredricks

Do mediums really talk to the dead, or are they simply making it all up? Is after death communication a possibility at all...or simply wishful thinking by those of us who'd like to believe that life continues on after our physical bodies end?

In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at mediums who purport to talk to the dead...and see if we can't shine a bright and illuminating light on this amazing phenomena! Curious to know more? Great...continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Is there any real PROOF that mediums talk to the dead...or is it all just wishful thinking?

The truth? There is an ABUNDANCE of proof that after life communication is not only possible...that there are MANY gifted mediums who can facilitate this with some degree of ease. Even MORESO than mediums alone, though...there is actually an abundance of evidence that supports the idea that AVERAGE people, with NO psychic skill, can make contact with loved ones who have passed on...without doing anything exceptional whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, near death experiences, out of body experiences, crisis apparitions, (when the spirit of someone JUST deceased appears, impossibly... to another person many miles away) death bed visions, after death communications (called ADC's), past life memories, and of course.....the impressive history of many gifted mediums throughout history, ALL point to the obvious truth that our spiritual selves, or some "part" of our essence, actually leaves the body and survives physical death. When you actually look at the totality of the's actually FAR more reasonable to believe that we have a spiritual self that continues on after death...and CAN communicate with those left behind, than it is to believe that EVERY experience above over the course of human history has been a mistake, a lie, or a hallucination.

What do Mediums actually do?

It depends on the medium. For example, famous psychic medium John Edward likens it to having a conversation with someone at the bottom of a pool...or behind a heavy glass door. You can make our much of the sounds, and see shapes and figures, but it's often difficult to understand EXACTLY what is being said, or make out very distinctive physical characteristics. In other cases...the energies come through very clearly, without any trouble, and communicate is a very concise and easy to interpret fashion...and many of these cases are the STRONGEST evidence that life continues on that we have.

Are all mediums created equal?

Absolutely not! Some mediums are very "tuned in", and others really have to struggle to be
accurate or pick up information. I've been fortunate enough to have MANY outstanding readings in my day...and the truth is, there is NOTHING more reassuring that life continues on after death than having a real reading with a genuine medium who simply gets stuff "right"!

Nothing can replace personal I started out many years ago as a skeptic as well. But when you are offered real evidence that your loved ones are still close by...and you get authentic PROOF that this is true, it totally revolutionizes what you believe is possible, and your perspective on life, death and everything in between to boot!
The bottom line?

A REAL Psychic Reading [] is truly the MOST fun, liberating and life changing experience you can imagine.

Just about ANYONE can have one...and if you follow the tips above, so too can you! (and believe me when I tell you, life will NEVER look the same once you have)

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grieving Losses That Can't Be Prepared For

By Steve Wickham

"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night."
~Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950)

As a new parent-to-be (after nearly 15 years since my last child was born) I have found myself strangely cognisant of the fact that I can prepare for the baby's birth, yet, in some ways, I will be inadequately prepared, come what may. The same revelation hits the person who has lost a dear one to a prolonged battle; a wife or husband, a child, or a parent; a best friend. Such losses we have time to prepare for, but there is no preparing for what it might be like when they are actually gone.

The experience of loss, as captured in the quote above, is a void where we have no way of imagining the loved one as gone - in reality.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

That's about as clinical as our understanding gets. And whilst it is a relief for many to have said their goodbyes, there is always the anguish of missing these dear ones. With time and love we have access to healing, and best of all is the remembrance of their lives and the impact they made on us and others.


It seems so obvious to state that death is final, and we know no better truth throughout our lives than this, but experiencing death as a final and lasting phenomenon always shocks our human sensibility.

We can know that God is behind all creation and our existence by the fact that we are mortal; that there is nothing we can do about our living, breathing life spans.

When, for one of many reasons, we die, our deaths proclaim evidence of the Lord. Because our lives are given to us as gifts, and are taken away with just as much lack of control on our parts, our lives are given (and taken) by a Higher Power - God.

However long we live will not change one fact: we will never get used to the idea of death. It will continue to confound us, unless we, with God, accept the mysteries abounding in death. We need to surrender all our ill-feeling to our compassionate God.


Many people want to know why we experience grief.

It's because we are inherently emotional beings; thinking, feeling individuals with not only the capacity for love, but the eternal design to love. It's because of love that we grieve so much. If we were able to not love, the pain of grief could be overcome easily.

With an eternal design wired biologically into us (Ecclesiastes 3:11), we have no choice but to love, unless we would have our consciences seared, and that is no safe alternative.

We are 'condemned' to grieve because of love, but such a thing is not really a condemnation; love simply forces us to grow, and where we can't grow we can't belong to love. Remaining in fear is an inferior choice, but love requires courage; we can manage just one day at a time.


Many losses we cannot prepare for, even those losses connected with terminal illnesses. Grief, we see, is a product of love, and, because we can't help but love, we will grieve our losses terribly. But God is in this with us, growing us toward him in the healing.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.
Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner and holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and
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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Who Should Consider Hospice Care?

By Aloysius Aucoin

Hospice can be an excellent choice in many situations. There are many times when this decision is hard for the family to make. Yet, when an individual is dealing with numerous medical conditions and is not able to maintain his or her health long term, it may be time to consider this type of scenario. It could provide you with the type of end of life experience you desire for yourself, too. As you consider the options available to you, consider who might find this type of location the ideal choice. It is a hard decision, but sometimes it is very much the best decision.

Does Your Loved One Need Help?

Often, there are situations in which a loved one may want to ensure that a family member's overall comfort is thought about. It can be hard to know if hospice is the right choice. There are some situations that can give you a clue that this may be a good idea, though. For example, have you noticed your loved one losing a lot of weight? This could be due to not eating. Some may find that they are very weak and cannot breathe well. Others have developed sores on their body that are painful and that will not heal well. These are all indications that your loved one needs supportive care.

Do You Need Help?

In some situations, you may want to consider your loved one's ability to care for you. You may be having trouble making it through the day. If you need help walking, eating, bathing and getting dressed, these professionals can help you with that so your family does not have to. They can help you with pain, too. If you are struggling and you need additional help, it may be a good idea to consider this type of care.

Providing Comfort

In some cases, patients are not willing or able to seek out any cure-oriented care for their condition. In these situations, the goal is to make a loved one comfortable instead. That's something that hospice can offer. They can help you to feel more comfortable during this time. Most often, these patients will not make it another six months, but during that time do not want or need to suffer from pain. This setting can provide the patient with the help he or she needs to get through this part of their life.

Making the decision to use hospice services is not easy. However, it is something you can do for your loved one or do for yourself. Make this decision carefully but don't put it off. This is the type of care you or your loved one may need right now.

Finding the right hospice kalamazoo for your family member is a wise and difficult decision to make. The professional and diligent staff at will gladly run through the amenities provided.
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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pet Death - How to Help a Friend Cope With the Death of a Pet

By Barbara Cagle

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is be sympathetic. Don not dismiss the grief a friend feels as something inconsequential. The loss of the loving companionship of a pet feels just as painful as the loss of another person.

It is often difficult for others who are not pet owners, or who have never lost a beloved pet to understand the grief someone feels when their companion dies. Personally, I have been a lover of dogs and cats since I was a child and I can tell you that the unconditional acceptance of such pets has no equal in my other personal relationships.

Look at the relationship between a pet and its owner as you would the relationship between a person and their best friend. Yes, pets quickly become our best friends.

When someone loses a pet they lose a friend. They lose the one being on earth that they can share their feelings with, talk to, without judgement or fear of having their feelings ridiculed or worse, shared with others.

The loss of a pet may mean loss of a companion who was an only contact. For many older people, a pet may be the only daily interaction they have. It is possible that, for some, the care of the pet is the only reason for getting up in the morning.

If you are not a pet owner this may be hard to understand. But we don't always have to understand why someone feels grief to show sympathy and support.

While it is common to suggest the person acquire a new pet, this suggestion should not be offered lightly. After all, how would you feel if you lost a close friend and some well-meaning person suggested you just go get a new friend?

A few years ago I lost my mother, 3 dogs, and a cat within 3 months of each other. Let me tell you, the grief I felt for the loss of the pets was just as great as I felt over losing my mom. The idea of getting another dog or cat would send me running for the nearest dark room for a full-blown crying session.

What made it even worse was that the dogs were all over 16 years old and one by one I had to take them to be put to sleep. This was a horrendous experience.

Eventually I did get another dog and I love him just as fiercely. He is not a replacement, as such, but a NEW friend to enrich my life. His personality is totally different from that of any dog I have had before.

When someone you know loses a pet, treat that loss as you would the loss of a person your friend cared deeply for. Offer your sympathy. Call to talk and encourage them to tell you how wonderful, silly, or faithful their pet was. Talking about those we have lost helps us heal.

In time your friend may begin to express a wish to get another pet, and if so, then you can help them talk through their feelings. Remind them that, just as with a lost loved one, their
pet cannot be replaced, but that a new pet may be able to fill the void the lost pet leaves behind.

Coping with the death of a friend's pet is something that we, as friends, should be ready to do, even if we do not have pets of our own. Be supportive, compassionate, and non-judgemental and you will help your friend cope with their loss and move on to a new relationship with another wonderful pet in the future.
I am Barbara Cagle. At My Grief Site you will find a portal to help you cope, find inspiration, and read stories that can help you cope with your loss. Take a peek at the one of the best kept secrets online since 2001. I am Cagleonline 'Cutting my own way...sharing the life I have grown since 2001.

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Is There An Afterlife? The Sacred "Secret" That Psychic Mediums Tell Us About Life After Life

By Danny Fredricks

What happens when we die? Do we go to heaven? What's it's like? And what about hell or negative planes? Is karma real, or do we all go to the same place, regardless of what we did while alive?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of people who ask these very same questions every day, the truth is, you are obviously not alone. The ironic thing is, while there is much speculation, myth and religious doctrine and dogma about what happens when we die, the very BEST evidence for the existence of the afterlife may be available to each and every one of us right now.

How so?

Have you ever watched any of these new shows on the "near death experience" where people who are gravely sick or injured are resuscitated and brought back to life to recall an amazing and transcendently beautiful new world? Not only have these experiences been reported for thousands of years, they occur to roughly 1 out of every 6 or 7 people who have been brought back from beyond the brink of death. (and have been carefully documented since Dr. Raymond Moody's groundbreaking book "Life after Life" was published in 1975 detailing hundreds of stories he collected from critically ill patients around the world)

How does that relate to psychic mediums and what they tell us?

Very simply. Because most mediums describe the very same world that the near death experiencers report. A world filled with light and love. And a world where this IS judgement... but that judgement is usually done by YOU, about you. Where you FEEL the way you made others feel in life... and you get a chance to understand the true essence of karma, and how we are all created to connect, not conflict.

Most mediums will tell you that while being religious is a perfectly good path (and many mediums are) it's NOT about rules and rituals in the afterlife... and that all of us, regardless
of what we believed in life about god or holy books, go to a place that is reflective of our CONCIOUSNESS and awareness and our deeds. (not our dogma)
In an amazing irony?

It's the very SAME thing near death experiencers report... with most who have one reporting that they come back with more authentic and genuine spirituality and less reliance on organized religion and doctrine to determine what they do.

That's the very same message I've heard mediums report for well over a decade at this point... and if you want the same inspiration, the same enthusiasm for life, and the same inner knowing that you are HERE for a reason, it's information that's available to YOU, right now... when you're ready!
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