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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Healing the Spirit of an Ancestor

Using my intuition, I can typically tell if there is a spirit visitor in my immediate area. As I was working on my ancestry book this week I came across a photo of an ancestor, my great-great-grandmother. Her eyes seemed to beckon me as if she was trying to get a message to me. I began to sense a kind and tender spirit in the room with me. I instinctively knew that she was there for healing. Yes, a spirit can heal in the afterlife of karmic patterns or tragic events that occurred in a previous lifetime. This particular ancestor, from what I have discovered in my researched, had a very difficult life. As a woman in the early 1800s her power was taken away from her by the male dominate culture in which she was raised.

I have been doing a lot of self-healing recently, and it only makes sense that the healing I am doing personally could heal those who have come before me as well as break destructive patterns for those who may come after me. Souls are timeless. And, there really is no separation or such thing as linear time. Everything is occurring simultaneously.

There is a Bible verse that says something to the effect that the "sins" (experiences) of the fathers can be visited on the next generation. If the karmic patterns of former generations affect us in this current generation, then it must be true that we can pay a goodness forward. The self-healing we do in this life can positively affect our offspring and future generations as well as extended family. And since we are all family, so related, even our friends and those who are in our lives as acquaintances can benefit.

As I interacted with the spirit of my great-great-grandmother that day I interceded on her behalf. The Christ consciousness that lives within us intercedes on behalf of of all those who are in our lives whether they have a body or not.

The next time you receive a personal healing and find victory over something that you know an ancestor struggled with, you may choose to send healing energy to that person and trust that they will benefit from it.