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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Detect the Presence of Ghosts and Other Spirits

By Nathaniel Webb

Haunting happens - it's more popular than many people would like to think. One of the practical aspects of every book that discusses ghosts and other paranormal activities, is a way to test if your house is haunted. In other words - how to detect the presence of ghosts and spirits? There are many ways to do so, that I'm going to describe right now.

Cold Spots

One of the most popular phenomenons regarding haunting and ghosts is called "cold spots". As the name states, those are the spots of cold air that can be sensed out of nowhere. Imagine that you're walking through warm corridor, and suddenly you can sense cold space. You're making few steps forward, and it's warm again. You're going back, and cold spot is still there. It is believed for cold spots to be places where ghosts and spirits draw psychic energies to sustain their own "life" energies. Just be careful not to consider air-conditioner for paranormal activity, please.

Sensing the Presence

Another way to detect the presence of ghosts would be to literally sense a presence of someone or something, when physically there's no one around - no people, no animals. Like you stand in the kitchen, and out of no where you can sense there's someone else in the room - you're looking around, but there is nothing but dinner on the table.

Mood changes

Ghosts and spirits, depending on their nature, can change mood in single room, or whole room. Imagine that you're watching good comedy in TV and suddenly you want to cry - it might suggest there's some sad spirit in the room. Spirits and ghosts can also create happy mood, or negative or even aggressive emotions.

Objects moving

Some intelligent spirit (meaning conscious ghosts) can move objects with invisible means. Different items might disappear and then appear in completely other place, or ghosts might also move things while you watch them (it's quite an interesting view, I have to admit).

Those are active ways of detection. You can also detect ghosts with passive means, this is - by assuming that things like weird shadows, or astral lights might suggest a presence in the building. Sometimes also nightmares, or obsessive thoughts, and finally weird behaviours of animals might suggest some paranormal activity in your house.

As you can see, there are quite a few methods of detecting the presence of ghosts and spirits. Keep them in mind, but remember to remain skeptical - not every air-conditioner is ghost.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Carl David Speaks About His Brother's Suicide

Our podcast guest, Carl David, is the third descendant of a four-generation art dealer family specializing in American and European seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth- and twentieth-century paintings, watercolors, sculptures and drawings.

In part one of this 3-part interview, Carl talks about his book, Bader Field, and his father, Sam David, as they logged hundreds of flight hours reveling in their shared love for flying twin-engine airplanes. Carl also speaks about the suicide of his teenage brother, Bruce, and the impact that the self-inflicted death of a loved one has on an entire family. No one saw it coming. Back then, people didn't talk about suicide and there wasn't much help because getting psychological help had a stigma attached to it.

The family was just getting over Bruce’s death when the patriarch, "Pop" died. Carl assumed a new role as an art dealer when he picked up his father's art business, David David Galleries on Rittenhour Square.

Listen to part one by clicking on the arrow in the player below:

One thing that helped Carl and his family move past such devastation is the spiritual strength they found within themselves, their closeness with one another, and the afterlife visitations that Sam’s and Bruce’s spirits have paid them. In part two Carl talks about these unusual visitations that include a twin-engine airplane and audible voice. We will also talk about the soul aspects of his brother and his father that Carl sees in both his sons. Carl says the following about death:

"There is no such thing as death; only a change in form as we leave one world and enter another. The only remnants are the fleshy bodies which identified the soul which resided within. The body is a vehicle for movement, for gathering of earthly experiences, for a full range of emotions, for a total collection of situations, obstacles, and solutions as they are overcome. It is the building which houses our black box; a permanent record of events and lessons which will be taken to the next worlds as we are ready to enter them for the continuation of our education. The curriculum never ends; it just changes format with each accumulation of knowledge from the preceding realm."

There is no shame regarding someone who commits suicide. We should try to prevent it because of the devastation it causes those who love the person, but it has little impact on the soul. We are here to learn lessons. if we don't learn them before the body wears out, we get a new body and come back to try again.

Listen to part two by clicking on the arrow in the player below:

In part three Carl and Yvonne discuss art as a form of spiritual expression. For many years Carl has a mysterious unsigned painting at the gallery. After a spirit visitation at the art gallery about two years ago, he realized the woman in the painting is his maternal grandmother, whom he had never met. Here is a photo of that beautiful painting.

What makes art valuable? Hear Carl's explanation by clicking the arrow in the player below.

The art piece created by Yvonne and Randy Perry (below) is mentioned. Please leave your comments about how this painting speaks to you. There is a giveaway mentioned in our interview, so be sure to listen and take action!

Read more about Carl, his book, his family, and lots of multimedia at

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For more information, you might enjoy reading More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife.
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