More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife covers many aspects of the dying and grieving process and sheds light on euthanasia, suicide, near-death experience, and spirit visits after the passing of a loved one. ___________________________________________

Monday, September 29, 2008

Where Do We Go When We Die?

There are many realms and dimensions that souls may visit once they leave their human body. The direction a soul takes upon departure from the body depends upon the state of mind a person is in when he or she dies. Some who depart suddenly or violently are not aware that they have died and may spend time wandering around the earth plane, confused. Others who are more prepared for the transition are greeted by loved ones on the other side.

Those who were emotionally exhausted or who had been physically/mentally ill prior to death may go to a place of rest and recovery to allow the spirit to heal from its earthly experience. After a life review to determine areas that need work, the soul moves on to a level or dimension that matches its current vibratory rate where it may continue to evolve. Some more enlightened souls may be ready to assist as a spirit guide to a human who is in body. Those who spent their earth life engaging in selfish or harmful behavior may remain stuck in that mental condition, roaming around aimlessly until they realize they need to seek the Light and change their ways.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are You Afraid of Death?

While the sorrow and emotion we experience at the thought of death or the passing of a loved one is a natural part of the grieving process, the fear of death is an illusion created by misunderstanding about who we really are. We are spirit beings having a human experience. When our body can no longer accommodate our spirit, or when our earth mission is complete, we cease having a human experience. We are still spirit beings but our experience is different in the spirit realm.

Our eternal soul is our true identity and it has consciousness and memory that will continue to exist in other realms and dimensions. Death is a portal or tunnel to another realm of consciousness, much like the one you passed through as an infant coming into this life through your mother's womb. Death is simply passing from one life to another. There is truly nothing to be afraid of regarding this transition.

Perhaps you are facing the death of your physical body and have doubts or worries about what comes next. This book will assure you, there is life after death and the Afterlife is a wonderful place to learn, love, plan, and assess your spiritual growth. It is important to make spiritual progress while in the body, but even if you have lived a life that was less than loving here on earth, you will have a chance to revolve your karma and ask for help in the Afterlife because free-will is an irrevocable gift from our Creator.

When you know the truth contained in More Than Meets the Eye, it will set you free! Let the love, spirit and energy of this book release you from your fear of dying and help you prepare for a pleasant experience in the Afterlife.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Near Death Experience

We come to this planet with amnesia about our soul’s identity and live behind a veil in order to function as a human being. The brain does not consciously remember where the soul came from, but it seems as though a part of the soul remains on the other side and is able to subconsciously participate in both worlds simultaneously. This has been discovered through dreams, meditation, hypnosis, inner guidance, or psychic abilities.

There are accounts where the veil has been momentarily lifted or pierced and clear vision is seen of the Other Side. People, who have clinically died and returned to their body, give remarkable accounts about life after death. The stories that many of them tell about the hereafter. are consistent with one another and may include:

• Someone to welcome the soul
• A guide to lead the way
• A review of the life the soul has lived
• A visit to a library or hall of records
• Periods of study or recreation
• A reporting to a council of wise elders
• An overwhelming sense of love and acceptance
• Other realms of the universe
• Heavenly gardens
• Sparkling cities
• Hellish surroundings

Read more about near-death experience in my book More Than Meets the Eye. I have brand new paperback copies of this book in my closet. I will personally sign and sell them for $10 each plus shipping. Those interested may contact me.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Five Stages of the Grieving Process

There are many ways of coping with death. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a psychiatrist and prolific author of the ground-breaking book, On Death and Dying, there are five stages of the grieving process: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Every person eventually passes through these five stages. It is wise to allow yourself to experience these stages as they unfold and let others come to terms with their loss and grief in a way that best suits them.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Warning Signs of Suicide

While interviewing for this book, many people revealed that they no longer wanted to live. They said they felt like strangers or misfits on the planet. In spite of having a relatively good life and not wanting to cause other people to grieve for them, they just wanted to go Home.

Since this seems to be such a common thought among stressed out people living in a chaotic world, I addressed the topic with an entire chapter in More Than Meets the Eye. For now, here are some warning signs that someone might be depressed enough to be considered suicidal.

• Talk about suicide or death
• Withdrawal from family and friends
• Sudden behavioral changes
• Wanting to “tie up loose ends” or give away belongings
• Reckless behavior
• Withdrawal from regular activities
• Sudden change in sleeping patterns or eating habits

If you or your loved one express these behaviors, please take it seriously and get professional help.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Encounters with Earth-bound Spirits

Almost everyone I interviewed for this book told me that they sensed the presence of their loved ones near them during the funeral, graveside ceremony and in the days following. I've had several encounters with earth-bound spirits. These are souls who may have recently left their body and have no direction what they should do next. Sometimes they stay only a few days before someone from the Other Side comes to assist them, but many times they remain stuck for decades or perhaps centuries. As a novice medium, I've had many of these spirits come to me for assistance.

In one of my lunchtime drives through the cemetery, I came upon a fresh grave and felt compelled to stop. As I sat there eating my lunch, I became aware of a presence in the back seat of my car so I started a conversation with what felt like a male energy. I nodded toward the mound of red dirt and asked him if that was where they put his body. He affirmed that it was. I asked him why he was still hanging around in the cemetery.

He replied, “Where am I supposed to go?”

I told him to go to the Light, but he said he was afraid to because he hadn't lived a very good life. I told him that God loves him no matter what kind of life he lived. Then, I asked the angels to come and assist him in finding his place in the Afterlife. I heard him thank me as he was whooshed upward through the roof on the passenger side of my car.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Healing Wounds through Understanding of Afterlife

By Kelli Glesige

In More Than Meets the Eye, true stories of individuals and their encounters with near death experiences are shared. Yvonne Perry explains why death is not to be feared, why many of us do fear death, and ways to overcome our fears. We are given glimpses into what the afterlife holds.

Perry speaks about souls and the ceremonies we hold, ghosts and spirits, and our spirit guides which assist us on our journey. She touches on treatments for the remains of our loved ones. The sensitive subject of suicide is discussed. Euthanasia and the two types, active and passive, are talked about. Perry speaks of the benefits of having a Living Will and what it will do. She even includes a copy of a Living Will which when completed and photocopied, may be used as a legal document.

The concept of hospice care is explained, and it can be a great option for many families whose loved one has a limited amount of time left to live. Perry states that hospice comforts the whole family emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually while preparing for transition. It should be noted that hospice helps to heal, not cure, all issues.

Anyone who has lost a loved one or who has questions or uncertainties about death and dying will find the book helpful and informative. The whole process is portrayed as positive and uplifting. I found the first hand experiences to be quite interesting.

This book made me think about life and death in ways I never have before. One should find great comfort in knowing that all the stories had a common link among the individuals. It appears that we all go to a Light Source and find a better place with God. A consistent thread of all those having near death experiences or getting a taste of the afterlife is that there is a better place to go to than where we are now. That is definitely something to look forward to! Almost everyone having these NDE was reluctant to return back to the life we currently know to complete their living. This should provide comfort for those concerned about loved ones having already passed on. The comforting consistent message is that God loves us unconditionally.

“Our fear of death is an unrealistic fear. Death should be feared no more than birth, for there is no separation between the physical and non-physical realms.” Perry gives comfort by stating that it does not matter what our religious background is, we may find comfort in knowing that our life on Earth is not all there is – that there truly is more than meets the eye!

Featured as “book of the week” January 23, 2006 by Reader Views. Kelli Glesige is a book reviewer with Reader Views.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get a Free eBook on Death, Dying, and Afterlife

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Interview with the Author

Conducted by Irene Watson of Reader Views

Irene: Yvonne, what inspired you to write More Than Meets the Eye: True Stores About Death, Dying and Afterlife?
Yvonne: I have always been curious about the other side, but while my uncle was on life support for almost a year, I kept sensing that I was being visited by his spirit. Moments after he passed away, (before my mother called to share the news) I heard my uncle’s voice in my head and knew that he had passed. He told me what songs he wanted me to play and sing at his funeral. I hadn’t yet been asked to play, but when my mother did call to tell me my uncle had passed, she also requested I sing and play for the funeral. Of course the songs my aunt picked were the same songs my uncle had requested during his supernatural visit. I sensed my uncle’s presence at the ceremony so strongly that I could only smile while everyone else was crying. To me, he had not “gone” anywhere. He was closer than ever.

Irene: Did you have a close connection with your uncle while he was alive?
Yvonne: Not really and that is why it was so strange that he chose to connect with me. He lived at least twenty hours away so I only saw him once a year. Somehow our spirits were more connected than our lives intertwined.

Irene: Your book is about quite a touchy subject that most people are afraid to talk about. How would you encourage people to face the subject and read your book?
Yvonne: I think most people are afraid of things they do not understand, and they either try to avoid the matter or find a way to invalidate their experience. The American view of death and afterlife is deeply rooted in fearful superstition and religious dogma that suggests punishment for sin. Much of this does not align with the experiences had by people who have had a glimpse of the other side. Due to fear of being rejected by family, friends and religious organizations, people are not comfortable sharing anything that veers from the path of what society considers “normal.” I find that when I talk about my spiritual experiences, people are genuinely interested and they feel safe enough to share similar encounters they have had. Once the ice is broken, they find the conversation so comforting and liberating, they want to read my book.

Irene: What do you mean by spiritual experiences?
Yvonne: communicating with the spirits of deceased people, having non-physical beings (angels, guides) interact with me, remembering parts of my past lives, picking up on another person’s energy field i.e.: knowing what is going on with them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Irene: In your book you talk about experiences that some people have had. Most have the same experience. Would you please tell us about the commonality that occurs?
Yvonne: First, I need to determine if you are referring to the near-death or out-of-body experiences or to spirit communication with the deceased.

1. The NDE: The most common things experienced are: a feeling of unconditional love, a life review, being able to communicate telepathically, seeing deceased loved ones or angelic beings, seeing a light or tunnel, being given a choice of staying there or coming back to the present life, and accessing knowledge or record books pertaining to their life’s mission.

2. Spirit Communication: Most people who are energy sensitive are able to see, hear, sense or feel a presence in the room with them and are able to communicate telepathically with the being. Commonly, a bit of knowledge or a request is exchanged in the encounter.

Irene: What is the difference between near-death or out-of-body experiences?
Yvonne: A near-death experience occurs when a person is in a life-threatening situation or is actually pronounced dead then returns to the body. An out-of-body experience can occur during a life-threatening situation, or while in meditation or sleep (astral travel). Some people are able to have an out-of-body experience at will.

Irene: You have had some “close calls” yourself. Tell us about your near-death experience.
Yvonne: In 1977, I was burned in a grease fire that my brother and I set while our parents were not home. In my effort to put out the fire, I picked up the flaming skillet and started walking toward the door to get the pan out of the house. My hand caught fire, so I sat the flaming skillet down on the table to extinguish my hand. The tablecloth caught fire. I picked up the flaming skillet again and threw it through the screen door. Grease splattered everywhere; I slipped and fell to the floor. I was then aware of myself in two dimensions: from above the scene near the ceiling where I was looking down, as well as in my body as I sat inside the wall of flames. I remember feeling no pain; I was not panicking and felt totally peaceful even by the thought of dying. While my body instinctly kicked and tried to get out of harm’s way, I saw my life flash before my eyes and read a quick glimpse of my obituary in a newspaper column. I saw my parents saddened and grieving for me and I knew I had to live. It all happened in the flash of a second and when I re-entered my body, which had suffered 1st, 2nd and severe 3rd degree burns, I immediately felt excruciating pain and wanted to go back to the peaceful place where I had been hovering. The fire had completely gone out when I got up from the floor. I have not feared death since that day.

In 1988, I had emergency gall-bladder surgery to remove a gallstone that was blocking my bile duct and causing my gall-bladder to perforate. Toxins were starting to leak into my body and I had a sense that I was dying. Even so, I knew everything was going to be fine and I felt no sense of panic or fear. I had seen a huge, bright light either in a dream-like drug-induced state or in an experience I had while under anesthesia. When I awoke in the recovery room, I asked if I was still in heaven. A nurse answered, “Not hardly.” I was so angry to be back in my body on earth and having lived through the surgery. I did not want to be here. It took me years to get past the feeling that I had somehow been cheated by having to come back.

Irene: In More Than Meets the Eye you address suicide and some peoples beliefs as to what happens after suicide. What is your opinion of what happens to the person and what do you base your belief on?

Yvonne: I no longer believe in a punishing God. I do believe that the eternal soul incarnates from body to body on its evolutionary path. I believe we create our own heaven and hell by the beliefs we own and the choices we make. Therefore, I realize that we are here for a purpose that our soul knows quite well regardless of what our conscious mind tells us. With certain things to accomplish in a lifetime, a soul who leaves a body prematurely will need to come back into a human body to complete the assignment. It only makes sense that a suicide is the result of a soul deciding to abort its mission. Once that soul reaches the other side, it realizes the mistake, gains insight about what needs to change, then prepares to come back to finish what it started. I base this upon what people have shared with me from their own supernatural experiences, research I have done and what the soul of a suicide victim showed me when I inquired of him on behalf of his mother who was severely grieving and troubled over what might happen to him as a result of his actions.

Irene: You talk to souls of people that are deceased? Explain to our readers how you do this.

Yvonne: I rarely initiate contact with a deceased spirit unless I am asked by a living relative and feel it is in the best interest of everyone involved to do so. However, there are times when I am in public that I accidentally tap into someone’s field. There are also times when I am alone and sense a presence wanting to make contact with me. In any of these instances, I may hear voices in my head that I know are not my own thoughts, or sense an energetic shift around me; I may feel a sensation as if someone is touching me, or I may see a mist or grey cloud hovering. Many times it is simply a sense of “knowing” some bit of information that has not been revealed to me in traditional ways such as sensing when a woman is pregnant when she hasn’t told anyone.

There have been times when spirits, not so lovingly have tried to attach to me. One actually broke a glass bowl in my kitchen to get my attention. Since then, I have set strong boundaries with the spirit world and they know not to contact me, enter my home or tap into my field without my permission. I have asked my angels and guides to set a watch around me and keep out intruders who have foul intentions. This is very necessary for anyone who is energy sensitive and finds themselves picking up illnesses or experiencing mood swings that have no logical source.

Irene: There are a lot of controversial thoughts around euthanasia, and you explain two types in your book. Late Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a renowned expert on death and dying, has changed many people’s thinking about their last days of life. She felt that euthanasia robbed people from completing their lessons and resolving issues that occurred during one’s life. What are your thoughts on this subject and why?

Yvonne: I respect and value Dr. Ross’s views about a soul needing time at the end of a life cycle to complete whatever unfinished business remains. I also consider the natural course of action a body in the same condition would have taken 100 years ago when we did not have life support technology and equipment. The most natural course for a body that has no hope of survival would be to allow the spirit to leave and the body fade away. Life support is a valuable tool for helping a person revive and live a healthy life. While each case is unique and should be approached individually, it is not usually in the best interest of the patient or his/her family to support a body in a vegetative state. Realizing that the soul has many more opportunities in the Afterlife and future lifetimes to resolve its issues and complete its evolution, it makes no sense to keep a soul imprisoned in a body that has no hope of recovery.

Irene: If you were to take the most important point from your book and share it with your readers, what would it be?

Yvonne: Listen to your inner voice, intuition or Holy Spirit (whatever you choose to call it) and you will find direction in fulfilling your life’s purpose. Interact with your guides and angels. Grieving the loss of a loved one is normal and everyone needs to allow themselves to feel legitimate emotions. However, the fear of death is an irrational fear. Death is just another realm of consciousness for which our spirit is preparing to enter. Letting go is much easier when you know that your loved one, not bound my human restraints, is happy and able to be near you in spirit.

Irene: Is there anything else that you would like readers to know about you or your book?

Yvonne: Make sure you have a living will. This removes your family’s burden and any guilt associated with making critical medical decisions for you should you be unable to do so. There is a free copy of a legal living will that you may download from my website:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poem by Mary Anne Womack


Silence fills the room,
Except for the soft turbulent sound of fluid filling tubes,

There is life in the room,
But it is not the life given by
Machines and pumps,

It is life given by the Life-Giver
By the spirit within which reaches out in response
to love words spoken to comfort,
To calm the fear that stalks relentlessly about.

It is Life at it’s finest,
Conquering the last enemy
Spirit joined to Spirit
Completing the circle.

— Mary Anne Womack

Foreword to More Than Meets the Eye

by Reverend Juliet Nightingale

When we were in Chicago at our IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) annual conference in June 2004, I was speaking with PMH Atwater—a noted author, researcher and speaker on the near-death phenomenon—who told me that it was God’s will for me to be back in Nashville—that I had very special work to do centered on the near-death experience (NDE) that would reach people far and wide. I had recently returned to Nashville, but was uncertain as to why I was called back—having left Nashville to return to the northeast to be with my daughter, so that we could be closer to each other. I’d thought that my time in Nashville was complete—that my mission had been accomplished and that I’d not return. I’ve since given it the analogy that returning to Nashville was like having an NDE; I had to come back to fulfill a special mission…  

I started a local Friends of IANDS (FOI) discussion/support group in Nashville in 2002, but it was a very small group. That being the case, I didn’t think that I would be needed again in Nashville, once I had left—especially since there appeared to be little interest in the NDE or any real need for support at the time, or so I had thought. At this point my whole life had become a vocation centered on the NDE and similar experiences, death, dying, the Afterlife and the immortality of the soul. One of the main reasons I was sent back from the Other Side, time and time again, was to proclaim the truth that, indeed, we live forever! This was no longer a theory for me; it was fact, because I’ve been there, as have countless others.  

Upon returning to Nashville I did re-establish the FOI and found, to my delight, that more and more people were showing interest and attending the meetings! At our meeting on 14 June, 2004, WSMV Channel 4 News appeared and put us on the news that very night! This happened after having only been back in Nashville for two months!  

More and more people started attending our FOIs and what a treasure trove of individuals they’ve been indeed! People who’d had near-death, out-of-body and other spiritually transformative experiences were present—very talented people, including Yvonne Perry, who were currently working on, or who have written books or produced films, art and music—all inspired by NDEs, OBEs & STEs! Look at all of these extraordinary people!—I thought. I’ve since come to find out that Nashville is loaded with experiencers—experiencers from all walks of life and backgrounds—all sitting here together and openly sharing from their hearts. We’ve shared stories of our experiences, questions, insights, laughter and tears … and I was so moved I could hardly contain myself. The ‘Love vibe’ was everywhere! I felt gratitude in the deepest respect. Something special was, indeed, unfolding right before my very eyes and I’ve never failed to be in total awe.

While back in the northeast, I became the Membership Chair for IANDS and was very busy encouraging NDErs and other interested individuals to join IANDS—the premier global organization for experiencers, researchers, health care providers, etc. that provides support, resources and amity with kindred spirits. As one who’d been silent about my NDEs for so many years, I was utterly elated to find out about such an organization being in existence and that I could now connect with other experiencers all over the world and gain access to resources that would help me in ways I never could have imagined! Being a member of IANDS, and particularly facilitating a support group, has afforded me the opportunity to compare notes with other experiencers and for all of us to be reassured that, indeed, we are not crazy! We’ve had experiences that, undeniably, change and transform our lives forever—experiences that, in many cases, have enabled us to tap into and remember who we really are! We’ve also been able to experience direct communion with the Light Source, or All That Is—as well as other spirit beings—and to know, firsthand, what unconditional love is. Now what, pray tell me, can be “crazy” about that? Personally, I cannot think of anything more liberating or validating! This, to me, is the real meaning of being “born again”—a term so misconstrued by Christian fundamentalists!

For so many years, experiencers have been “in the closet” about their having had an NDE or similar experience for fear of being misunderstood, judged, ridiculed or even persecuted. Some experiencers have ended up in a mental ward or put on drugs … and some child experiencers being slapped and shouted at and silenced by a parent or other relative, because of the prevailing ignorance surrounding the NDE! It was rare to see anything featured in mainstream media about NDEs—least of all in broadcast media. People just didn’t talk about it. In fact, I didn’t even know about IANDS until 1997 nor was I even aware of Dr. Raymond Moody, who coined the term ‘near-death experience’. Yet IANDS has been in existence since the early 1980s! So one can see why so many of us have remained hidden—more for the sake of self preservation—and trying to lead as normal a life as possible. Therefore, in order to avoid persecution or being “excommunicated”, as it were, we fell into silence…

Now, the NDE is not only being openly talked about, it’s receiving widespread media interest—in both print and broadcast media—everywhere across the globe. You’ll see NDE-related material all over the place and it’s even become a household term! In recent years, even I have been featured in various print media as well as having been on radio and now TV! There’s nowadays a wealth of material, resources, support and individuals right within reach—including right here in Nashville! On a daily basis, I receive emails from around the world—all from individuals who are interested in or who have had an NDE (or what I prefer to call an Eternal Life Experience, ELE).

Not only that, but the whole issue of death had remained such a stigma—something you just didn’t talk or even hardly think about—something that was utterly taboo! There are countless individuals in our world who are still terrified of death. Why? Because they think that that’s the end---end of the story. Poof! That’s it! You’re gone forever! Nothing could be further from the truth and that’s why so many of us have been sent back from the Other Side—to affirm that life is eternal and that we do carry on … as conscious, living, thriving beings with incredible power and love!  

With a subject that had been silent and hidden for so long—now emerging into the light of day, imagine, then, the joy that I felt when I was approached by Yvonne Perry, who was writing a book on death, dying and the Afterlife. I was only too pleased to work with her—the FOI also proving to be a magnificent source for material and support from other NDErs in this special project. It is time for the taboo to be broken. It is time for all of the lies and fear about death to be abolished once and for all! And it is individuals like Yvonne Perry who are truly helping to accomplish this great task. Yvonne has done such a splendid job in bringing forth such vital and pertinent information that covers all facets of death, dying and the Afterlife—a subject that must be faced squarely in order to free us of the illusions and fear that have plagued us throughout human history.

Returning to Nashville and being a conduit for generating support for and a community of people who’ve had near-death and similar experiences has proved invaluable, indeed. This is a special time that we’ve just entered into. It’s time for our coming out—coming “out of the closet” as NDErs … because it is safe now to do so. It is time that we, as experiencers, are no longer an invisible, silent minority. Alas, for every NDEr who’s come forth and spoken out about his or her NDE, there are the same number—if not more—who have yet to boldly come forth and declare , “I, too, have had an NDE!”

There is a Bulgarian proverb that states: “At birth we cry. At death we understand why”. The book that you are about to read will provide loving and clear insight into the meaning of this profound statement. As you read these pages, you will begin to experience a sense of what it is like to be truly liberated and free—as a bird that’s suddenly freed of its cage and allowed to fly. This book is a real page-turner that is so lovingly conveyed in a language that’s easy to understand. It is empowering and uplifting material that will leave you no longer in a state of doubt or fear. Outside of having an NDE or similar experience yourself, these pages will bring forth wisdom, hope and a profound peace of mind.

Rev. Juliet Nightingale
Toward the Light

Preface for More Than Meets the Eye

I wrote this book to help people prepare for a peaceful and successful transition, to alleviate the fear associated with the dying process and to remind us to make the most of our very precious lives.

Although I have had a few “close calls” with death, I do not a consider myself to be an expert in the field of dying or afterlife research. However, I have always been intrigued by the mystery of crossing over to the Other Side. As a child it was common for my parents to take me with them to Lownde's Funeral Home when someone from our church died. The experience did not upset me. In fact, I actually enjoyed trying to read the cursive writing on those tiny cards tucked between the mums and roses! I felt peaceful with the soft music and floral-scented atmosphere as I pretended to be Goldilocks trying out all the different chairs in the parlor. I can remember sitting in church and listening to the preacher talk about Heaven. If Heaven is so wonderful, I reasoned in my young mind, why are people so sad when someone dies and goes there?

As a young adult, I watched my family deal with our own critically ill loved ones, and was again puzzled by their hesitancy to let them go. As an adult, I enjoy strolling through old cemeteries and reading the headstones of the dearly departed. I daydream about what each person was like while living and wonder what they are doing in the Afterlife or if they have returned for another stint on Earth. These experiences and my desire to help others overcome their fear of death have been a catalyst for writing this book. More Than Meets the Eye is not an authority on death and afterlife. It is simply a collection of stories people have shared with me, as well as a few of my own observations, opinions and experiences thrown in for good measure.

Some who read this book may soon be preparing for a transition to the Afterlife. Others may be caregivers, friends or family of a critically ill patient who is near the end of this life, or has recently passed. Others may have experienced a close brush with death and then lived to tell about it. I am indeed grateful to the people who shared their experience with me during the writing of this book. I trust that the stories will offer hope and yes, even excitement, when you help a loved one pass, or when you face your own transition.

About the Author of More Than Meets the Eye

Yvonne Perry is a Nashville-based minister, metaphysical author, healing and activation facilitator, and shaman-ka, who helps people shift into their highest and most loving selves. She does this through her books, light language prayers, seminars, readings, coaching, and other spiritual services.

A starseed walk-in and practitioner of light codes, Yvonne accesses the wise guidance of her higher self, the angelic and fae kingdom, ascended masters, galactic assistants, and other advanced beings of light. In her one-on-one healing and activation sessions, she incorporates light language, earth and animal medicine, and light language to help people shift into wholeness and integrate multidimensional aspects of their souls.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics from the American Institute for Holistic Theology she understands the “homecoming” or ascension process of the soul. Her participation as an empathic intercessor in fundamentalist religions (and subsequent healing after leaving organized religion) gives her an understanding of the mental and emotional stress that this kind of indoctrination can create for people.

Yvonne is helping to activate people to live an authentic life of wholeness and oneness. Those who are ascending into purer consciousness will find comfort, information, and support to take the next step on this beautiful journey of light. Her teaching fits in well at Earth-based circles, women's gatherings, and starseed discussions. Those who are having unusual paranormal experiences and seeking personal truth about these occurrences will resonate with Yvonne's approach to oneness. She knows that ascending into purer consciousness is done by integrating the higher self with the body and personality. She does this in the light language activations and galactic readings she offers clients.

See for more information.

Acknowledgements for More Than Meets the Eye

When my college instructor, Gary Kuhn, first encouraged me to write about transitioning to the Afterlife I laughed it off thinking I was unqualified to write about the topic. When I mentioned to a friend that I was ghostwriting a book for someone else, he asked me, “Why don’t you write a book of your own?” My response was, “What would I write about?” I thought no more about it until Linda Woods said, “Yvonne, you ought to write a book about spirit guides—you are always in touch with someone from the Other Side!” The light bulb went on, I connected the dots, and the inspiration to write this book began in earnest. I thank the wonderful people who shared their experiences with me. I have gained much insight by looking at death and afterlife through your eyes. Thank you to those souls in the non-physical realm, for allowing me to tell your story. You have taught me so much!

Blessings to K’lynn Ragsdale, Wanda Snell, Randy Perry, Terry Emge, Juliet Nightingale and my own dear mother, Doris Mauldin, who diligently proofread this book. A special thanks to Linda Woods, who edited and edited and edited, and kept me encouraged with her enthusiasm. Because of you, the readers will have a much easier time understanding what I meant to write! My appreciation goes to Juliet Nightingale for writing such an eloquent foreword.

I would also like to thank my husband, Randy Perry, for his patience, encouragement and support during the many hours I have spent at the computer while writing this book.

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More Than Meets the Eye True Stories About Death, Dying and Afterlife
Yvonne Perry
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More Than Meets the Eye 
True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife 

By Yvonne Perry

Sunday, September 14, 2008